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The light you invoke touches everything, heals everything, loves everything. – Michael channeled by Ron Head      Press here for   Spanish   Portuguese   We will speak of your newfound and expanding abilities in visualization and manifestation.  As you awaken, these are getting stronger and stronger.  It is also that the attempts to keep them subdued are getting weaker and weaker.  You do not yet, as a rule, see and understand the effects of  that; but… Read More

Amaze yourselves. We promise it will be fun. – Michael channeled by Ron Head   Press here for  Spanish   Portuguese The time has arrived for you to begin making preparation for your new lives.  They do not exist somewhere else in another time.  They exist within you.  You have created them. But your manifesting will take giant steps forward when you find the confidence, faith, belief, motivation, etc. to take concrete steps in any form… Read More

Do not assume that there is nothing you can do. – Michael channeled by Ron Head March 24, 2012 in Ron’s Channeled Messages | Tags: Channeling, Consciousness, Michael,Spirituality, TAUK | by Oracles and Healers  Press here for   Spanish   Portuguese   Now we must discuss the effect your consciousness has on your surroundings.  Everything in your world is affected by it.  Your higher states of consciousness have even more effect than you have had previously.  That is the reason you have been able to… Read More

My dear friends, we must talk now about something we take quite seriously, ascension.  At this time you are feeling changes happening to your bodies, your lives, and your emotions, which should confirm for you that you are indeed on that path. These will continue and accelerate.  A great many changes have been promised to you, and we assure you again now that they are all coming.  Not everyone will experience the… Read More

March 18, 2012 Yeshua: Hello, my dear beloveds. Now is the time for great awakening, of substance transformed in body, mind and spirit. You may find it overwhelming at times, as you completely change in many aspects. You are transcending dimensions quite often now and may not be aware of it. Hold tight and ground yourselves daily and please keep up with your meditations.

March 18, 2012 Prilon [Hello Prilon.] Hello Suzy Dear. May we continue with our discussion? [You are referring to the 3/11/12 post about activation and rewiring?] Yes. [Excellent, let’s begin.] Ron is here as well. [Awesome, hi Dad!] R- Hi Suzy, let’s include God as well. [Sounds great! Hi God!] G- Hi Suzy, we have a full house! 

Originally posted on Oracles and Healers:
Now we move our discussion to a more practical level.  We must talk about what will happen in your immediate future.  Several events are about to happen almost simultaneously.  Each of these would alone be a major occurrence.  The abundance programs are moving to fruition.  The criminals in your financial, governmental, and religious sectors are about to be arrested.  And some of the necessary earth changes…

  March 12, 2012 God & Gabriel [Hello God & Gabriel.] Hello Suzy, can we begin with meditation? [Do a few minuets meditation while listening to Snatum Kaur.] That is wonderful. When you meditate you aura beams colors like the sunsets. Let’s begin. Today we would like to TAUK about Gaia.

Originally posted on Oracles and Healers:
Michael We wish to talk about your immediate future at this time.  Now is the time we have all been speaking to you about for many months.  You have been able to bring this forward with your intent and prayers.  We see that much of what you are bringing forth may be much less terrible than it may have been.  Vast amounts of light are streaming…

  March 11, 2012 Prilon [Hello Prilon.] Hello Suzy, I am here to give this message. To the beings of light that read this message, high imagination and love are now in place on planet Earth so that waves of energy streams can permeate and activate your chakras.