A New posting by AuroRa Le ~ ❤ Dolphin Wisdom; A message from beyond the break. By, AuroRa Le. April 4, 2012.


❤ Dolphin Wisdom; A message from beyond the break. By, AuroRa Le. April 4, 2012.



  Early yesterday morning, I dropped my son off at school and decided to go for a quick run on the beach.  I had only gone a short distance, when I felt a sharp pain at the base of my skull. Intuitively, I felt as if I was about to get some sort of download (I assumed it was an activation from the sun), so I dropped down onto the sand to rest.  Then, out of nowhere, I began perceiving vague imagery, along with someone speaking to me in a chirpy, childlike, sing-song voice. I quickly fished my phone out of the small backpack I use for running, and proceeded to record the most astonishing conversation I’ve have ever had!

The Dolphins speak…

“Hello, Angel.  It’s a vibrant day, wouldn’t you agree? Are you coming in to join us?”

(*It occurred to me, then, that this was to be a 2-way conversation. My part is in italics.)

No, I think you’re a little far out to sea for me.  I’m kind of lightheaded right now!

“Then rest, sister, by all means. But you’re sorely missing out. The water is coming alive with such joyful energy, today, and you’re missing all the fun!  We refer to the energy of the old grid. Remember?  The one that we called to your attention on the shiny day.  In your summertime, remember?  We know you remember.”

(They were talking about a day last August. An old figure-skating injury had flared up and I took out my board to just float around in the still Florida water. Whenever my feet touched the sand, I felt little electric shock like vibrations beneath me. I figured it was either some kind of tiny fish, or if I was lucky- something cool and spiritual!)

“Remember, sister?  What you felt on that happy day was the dormant grid. Yes, the old grid is finally coming alive once again, and we are so pleased that you noticed.  We wish for you to tell the others, because there are many more who know this grid and it is beginning to glow with life again.  In the days gone past, it was a superhighway of vibration and love.  Love, yes my sweet, the love is a fine thing!  Is it not? It is the only food you will ever need to sustain yourself.  Did you know that you can live on love?  Oh, pity, pity. The human race has forgotten that this is their birthright.  And the joy and the play.  How it pains us to see the human dying on the inside from lack of these.  You have forgotten and it is our role at this juncture to remind you!”

I know what you mean.  Sometimes I feel like all we ever do is work.  And when we’re not working, we’re making lists of all the new work we have to do the next day!

“Oh, no, no, no that’s not how it’s designed to be at all!  You must rediscover play.  Remember when you were a little child, and play was your primary means of learning?  Will it stun you to know that you have come round full-circle, and it is to be this way again?  Not at some far-flung linear point in the future when you see the world as born anew, but right now.   Through play you have the ultimate tool to access the abundance of knowledge that the Universe has placed at your fingertips.  A game or an art will project your expanding consciousness to the levels needed, which will enable you to thrive on the New Earth.  Imagine that you travel the oceans with us, and lose your illusions and heartaches in this dream.  You must find yourselves again in play.”

So, it’s that simple?  What about responsibility, like earning money and cleaning the house?  The majority of the people feel really trapped in the old lifestyle.

“It’s that simple.”

You mentioned a dormant grid that’s below the sea floor. I’ve never read about this grid, ever, and I read a lot.  If I knew about it before I came here, I don’t remember it now.

“Sister forgive us, we tend to digress!  Yes, the grid.  Just as there are grids which run above and within the planet, there is a grid of old, long at rest.  Long before the Golden Days it was living and beautiful.  It sits, oh maybe, twenty feet below the sands and all who interacted with it partook of it’s gifts and felt it’s power.  These were the days when the waters teemed with life the likes of which mankind cannot recall.  Think the stuff of a child’s tale.  Alive, yes, and a paradise, you see.  And now, by the grace of the Creator, that time returns and the grid has taken her first new breaths.  She breathes again, to welcome the Mother.  Oh, the happiness!” 

You have me so curious about this grid.  This is exciting! Tell me more, like what it’s purpose is.

“This grid is like the others.  It’s a tightly woven latticework of crystalline energy, opalescent aqua in color. It glistens and is akin to an endless magic carpet of light.  This is an aquatic grid, we say.  Because of it’s long slumber, it’s health is very fragile.  But do not fear.  We, your Cetacean family are tending her devotedly.  And lest we forget…the Deva.  We are kind.  We love our work so.  Then there is your dear sister Aquariel, who overlights our sacred project.  Gaia’s Army!  That is us, you see!”

I had no idea…

“Yes, you did. You just forgot.  This is why we have been knocking you over the head, little one.  You and all the others. You need to remember.”

But why us?

“Because you are connected to all of this from long, long ago.  You who are drawn to the Earth’s oceans carry the correct frequencies to set the grid alight once more.  This is a healing grid, so it’s importance cannot be stressed enough.  Awakening her will go far in the healing of the oceans and their inhabitants.  By the mere act of swimming, the sleeping masses can awaken from her power. She will heal the sick.  Stand upon the shore break, sister, and allow your toes to sink into the sands.  With each lapping wave, allow them to sink deeper and deeper.  Wait to feel the first stirrings of life grazing your skin. Water is mutable.  Your human bodies are water and are also mutable.  So much is changing and we are pleased.”

Wow. I’m so amazed by all this.  And I’m still in shock that I’m actually talking to you! What are your names?

“You are speaking to Us. We are a collective.  We have no need for names.  ’The Collective’ is fine.  One mind.  One voice.”

That’s so beautiful.  I love that. You all really do exemplify what Unity Consciousness is all about.

“We are agents of change, and aren’t we all longing for change?  All who dwell by the water are there by design.You were called here because this is how you chose to anchor your light.  ” 

I see dolphins in the ocean all the time.  Have I ever seen your pod with my physical eyes?

“Oh, yes sister, yes.  It is often Us.  Do you remember the white dolphin, and how he surprised you and the others when he jumped from the water?  Could it be that every one of you imagined this? No! You saw how we love to play.  We got your attention, did we not?  You see us when you rest, too, as we spiral round your chakras.  If you call, then we will come.”

*After that, they were gone.  When I checked the time on my phone, I noticed that almost two hours had past and my battery was almost dead.  It only felt like minutes!  Their power is astonishing, and I’m still pretty impressed by the method they used to get my attention. Ouch!  I truly believe that the Cetacean kingdom is, overall, still very much a mystery to us and we’ve only gotten to witness a fraction of what they’re actually capable of.

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  1. Whales and dolphins are light anchors. What about our pets who are at times the only sentients providing the joy and positive energies needed to get through our difficult times? Will they accompany us to the 5D?

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