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April 20, 2012 [Hi God.] Hi Suzy, today I would like to talk about the changing frequencies of planet Earth. [Excellent, I am ready.] The frequency of Earth has upgraded since we last TAUKed. This allows for several frequencies to be present at once. There is a frequency for those who are awakened, one for those consciously asleep and one for those who are here as one-time guests on the planet to… Read More

  Today’s TAUK: Hello. This is your mindfulness. This is the essence of our life speaking to us from the depths of our existence. We are the spark that animates us. You are a manifestation of the spark of life that has always been at the core of your existence. There is an essential piece of you, the unchanging molecule that goes with you from life to life, world to world, through… Read More

There is that within you that knows. – Michael channeled by Ron Head       Press here for   Spanish   or   Portuguese   Let us speak about your ability to know truth when you hear it.  At the present time this is a valuable ability indeed.  Vast amounts of information are placed before you daily.  How can you know what is true and what is intended to mislead you?

Sananda ~ Be Your Exalted Self ~ As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ 4.18.12   April 18, 2012 I am Sananda, with words of encouragement for everlasting peace, for you are the Key and the Source for this endeavor, my dear friends. Many times you ask the question, when will there be peace, all encompassing peace, for all to see, and experience and enjoy?  You know the answer, deep inside you, all of… Read More

Shine my beloved friends! – Michael channeled by Ron Head     Press here for   Spanish   or  Portuguese   Our message today is on the topic of lasting peace.  You have received many messages from many quarters concerning the control exerted over the efforts to begin another global war.  This is all true and will continue to be.

My Dad: I am like an orange, lots of sections connected to the core. My Take: We all are like an orange, lots of aspects connected to Creator. April 16, 2012 Prilon (My High Self) & Jesus [Hello Prilon & Jesus!] Hello Suzy. J– We are here today to give this message. P– The multi-dimensional life you are living in is now evident in your conscious self. J– Finding the other aspects… Read More

Sananda ~ Open to Truth ~ As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ 4.13.12   April 13, 2012 Sananda: I come before you today to speak of the Truth that is in your hearts, dear ones. No one can deny that you are waking up to it. The depths to which you are reaching are astounding and unequalled. The expansion of your energy has contributed to this and you are just beginning to see… Read More

April 12, 2012 Dad [Hi Dad!!] Hi Suzy, I love you! [I love you, too! What’s new with you?] I have been in class. {Cool! To learn what?] To learn about my path for my next incarnation. [Wow. Can you share what your path will be?] I am happy to share with you. In my next incarnation I will be a teacher of self love.

I just had an epiphany APR 11 Posted by silentwindofchange I just had an epiphany. All this time the Church, Government and Science had us fooled (bear with me, yes you already knew that). We were fooled into believing we had to ask others to do amazing miraculous things for us.

The outcome will be the world you have dreamed and prayed for all these years. – Michael channeled by Ron Head April 12, 2012 in Ron’s Channeled Messages | Tags: Channeling, Earth, Earth Changes, Michael,New World | by Oracles and Healers     Press here for   Spanish   or  Portuguese   Our message today is on the topic of your ability to mitigate the effects of what you call earth changes.  The occurrence yesterday of several large earthquakes brought about no massive loss of life… Read More