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Message from Yeshua ~ Be The Divine That You Are ~ As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~4.8.12   April 8, 2012 Yeshua: Greetings beloveds. I come before you on the eve of this glorious day, to all those celebrating this day, a time of renewal, but mostly of acknowledging your Divine Self. This has been a day of rejoicing, in preparation of greater things to come. Love abounds. The significance of today is… Read More

Illusion’s last days are here. – Michael channeled by Ron Head April 7, 2012 in Ron’s Channeled Messages | Tags: Channeling, Consciousness, Creator, Michael,Spirituality | by Oracles and Healers     Press here for   Spanish   or   Portuguese   It is time now to speak of your new awareness.  You are noticing your ability to sense things which were quite beyond your capabilities just a short time ago.  Some of you are having small changes, some are having immense ones, but to each of you… Read More

April 7, 2012 God & Prilon [Hello God & Prilon.] Hello Suzy. To begin, We would like to say the shift with planet Earth is progressing very well. Now Earth has the ability  to call out to her sisters and brothers of this universe and others. This has only recently been made available to her as a way to speed ascension. Certain thresholds of awareness were needed for her to welcome in… Read More

  The Feather Tree. (My first TAUK experience). By, AuroRa Le. April 6, 2012. POSTED ON APRIL 6, 2012 BY THEANGELDIARIES     ❄ We all have those days, no matter how open our inter- dimensional telephone lines are.  Days when we feel alone and disconnected.  It’s as if there’s too much static on the line, or we’re trying to have a conversation but there are too many people talking to you all at once.  This past… Read More

  ❤ Dolphin Wisdom; A message from beyond the break. By, AuroRa Le. April 4, 2012. POSTED ON APRIL 4, 2012 BY THEANGELDIARIES 2     Early yesterday morning, I dropped my son off at school and decided to go for a quick run on the beach.  I had only gone a short distance, when I felt a sharp pain at the base of my skull. Intuitively, I felt as if I was about to get… Read More

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Your soul is very good about assisting you behind the scenes so you get optimal learning out of your lessons in life. Thankfully it knows when you need someone else in your life to assist you.

Message from Yeshua ~ Be Expansive! ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ 4.3.12 ~ April 3, 2012 Yeshua: Many of you are entering a phase where thought patterns are undergoing a shift. There is a shift from ego-based thoughts to heart-based thoughts.  There is a subtle shift in perception in many. It is like trying on a new set of clothes, in a new style. It may feel a little awkward and… Read More

What is about to bloom will soon have you rejoicing. – Michael channeled by Ron Head irituality | by Oracles and Healers     Press here for   Spanish   or   Portuguese   We will speak now about channeled messages such as this one.  There are many methods of receiving channeled messages.  All of these are less than perfect, this is a given.  It serves in this time two purposes.  First, it is a way to convey information to you… Read More