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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Originally posted on Oracles and Healers:
Michael   Synchronicities, feathers, coins, and signs of all kinds abound at this time.  We are doing everything we can to get your attention.  We are here and we are working with you in every way we are able.  If you are open to the possibility, ask and you will receive all the signs you need that we are indeed with you.   There is much,…

Originally posted on Oracles and Healers:
Michael We begin today’s message by congratulating the President of the United States on celebrating his inauguration, which will begin within minutes now.  It is truly a time to be joyous.  I, Michael, am most pleased to extend congratulations from the entire company for whom I speak.  We understand the very difficult position which he has been in, and know that his path will become increasingly…

  [Hi God.] Hi Suzy, how are you? [I am quite happy. I’m feeling like I haven’t been sitting enough for messages lately though.] Might I say you need not worry how often you TAUK? [I thought you might say something like that. 🙂 You are doing great work with QHHT and you and I sit together each time you talk with your client’s High Self. [Ok. Understood. Thank you.]    Let’s… Read More