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Hello to my lovely readers, This weekend my super sweet QHHT partner, Susan Thomas, treated me to a QHHT session! I was the client this time! Now, it’s easy for me to be the practitioner, I do this 2-4 times a week. I explain how easy it is to be guided into this wonderful space of exploring the bigger YOU. I talk about how the client’s High Self or Subconscious will pick… Read More

My sweet friend, Ann Anderson and I were messaging this morning and I asked if she had heard from The Council of Twelve whom she TAUKs with. She said she would check in with them. I asked her to give them my love and here is what she returned with. I love the infinite wisdom the C of 12 give and so look forward to hearing from them! Thank you Ann for… Read More

Originally posted on Oracles and Healers:
Michael   As you can see, things are beginning to break loose now.  They will continue to pick up steam and, as we have told you for quite some time, will become quick enough to have you in a state of disbelief.   There will be people all around you who are unable to process what they are seeing and who will retreat into total denial. …

Originally posted on Oracles and Healers:
Michael It is time now for humanity to begin the creation of your new world.  You have weathered the ups and downs of the initial period of heavy upgrades to your energetic and bodily systems and are ready now to step ahead into the real work that you came here to do.   Some of you have already chosen projects and ideas to work on.  That…

This presentation was given recently to a group in Des Moines, Iowa. Susan and I had great fun explaining the process of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. The first clip is shorter, the second (about 20 min) shows more and includes questions from the audience answered by Susan’s High Self while she was in a hypnosis.

From Suzanne:   A client asked if I would TAUK through a birthday message for her son. He has generously allowed me to reprint his message here. I asked him if that would be ok as the message was so beautifully global about love, self love and relationship to others. I am sure all of us have experienced a heat break or frustration in a relationship before, oh to be human! I… Read More