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My First TAUK Message: Easy to translate with this medium. Ready to begin an odyssey. This is it. [Am I working with my Higher Self for the greater good?] Yes oh yes, love. Time will tell. Cusp of awareness Begin soon. Will be able to measure gateway to other consciousness.            

Hi Everyone!  I don’t know if you have picked up on this or not but there is some crazy energy happening right now! I’m hearing from people who are really unglued and angry and from others who are floating along in bliss! What the heck? In a recent session with Ron Head for our Speaking with Self  website, I asked what was up with all the chaos. In trance, speaking as the… Read More

I am pleased to share a QHHT session given by Dr. Arthur Keenan of Monrovia, California. This information was given by his client’s High Self. Not only is the message beautiful, timely and inspiring; this was Dr. Keenan’s very first session he facilitated! This is one of the reasons I love QHHT and Dolores Cannon so much. The depth of healing and information within each of us is so easily accessible and… Read More

On Wednesday I sat to TAUK through the topic and questions of this week’s session with Ron Head. The topic this week was One Love. As the questions come through I start to giggle wondering HOW that God guy is going to answer THAT question while Ron rests comfortably in a deep hypnotic state. I am never disappointed and always blown away with the wisdom, expansion and humor that comes through. Here are… Read More

October 18, 2013 God & Gabriel [Hello God & Gabriel!] Hi Suzy. Can we discuss the possibilities that are in Earth’s reality right now? [Absolutely!] First, the light of God, of Higher Realms, is increasing in a dramatic way. You know this first hand and as a concept that light workers are feeling.

Originally posted on Oracles and Healers:
    Here are the contents of the sessions currently up on the SwS site with the appropriate links below them.   Session 1 Inviting the High Self to Communicate with the Conscious Mind, includes: Question 1 – Give Me Some Understanding of How the High Self and the Conscious Mind Work Separately and Together Question 2 – I Would Like to Know More About Opening…

I am so pleased to announce that today launches my and Ron Head’s new website, Speaking with Self!  Like TAUK (The Art of Universal Knowing) and QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy), the experience that Ron and I bring you in Speaking with Self shows that all answers, all knowledge and truth is within each and every one of us. We are simply speaking with self! Our conscious self, our High Self, our oversoul,… Read More