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Here is the next installment on the Thoth series. I hope you enjoy and receive benefit. The first message can be found HERE. Read More

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I am preparing on all levels for a trip to Egypt later this year! Interestingly, when I sat for a TAUK message yesterday the message was from Thoth. Thoth, as you know, is the great Egyptian God. Read More

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(Note from Suzanne, I have no idea how this post disappeared yesterday. How strange. Reposting again.)

I am very excited to share this new installment of my & Ron Head’s series on The Event. This series began in November 2013. Back then I don’t even know if anyone else was referring to “The Event” in those words. Ron and I were already meeting regularly to record QHHT sessions for our website Speaking with Self. To listen to our other Event clips, please click here.  Read More


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I am very excited to share this QHHT Session Segment about Soul Formulas with you. I had the honor of doing sessions for this client and her husband. The husband was a follower of Dolores Cannon’s work and was very excited for his session. It was most humbling to listen to his current life story. He is a survivor of the killing fields of Cambodia. Even through living through the most horrific of human experiences I was deeply touched by his innate joy and kindness towards life. His session was lovely. Read More

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In my quest of sacred knowledge and in my moments of utter geek-ness with the human experience I have delved deeply into creating a deeper and richer connection with my High Self. If we are just making it through our days checking off the list of things that have to be done then we are limiting the experience of purposeful joy. Sure we may take time to meditate or take a walk or read a good book occasionally. But what about all the time in between those?  Read More

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Do our pets or animals in general have a lower level of consciousness than humans? In the work that I do with hypnosis I get to have a front row seat in understanding that everything holds consciousness and therefore has a unique story to tell. Our pets are no less special in their own soul journey. They are members of our families and absorb so much more than we often give them credit for.  Read More

Hi Suzanne- it’s Justin. I’ve been thinking about you and my session for a while now and I just wanted to give you an update: My wife and I did divorce, I closed my practice, packed a backpack (and a suitcase lol) and I’m off to Thailand!! No plans on returning. I’m just gonna wake up everyday and follow my joy to wherever that may lead. Flying out as I write this. Funny how life works out. Thank you so much for helping me listen to who I really am!! Great Adventures await!! I’ll keep you posted.  Read More

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This July I will be in London on a little QHHT tour! Guiding a client to find their own answers and healing is amazing and I’ll be giving sessions and teaching a QHHT Level 1 Companion class while there.  Read More

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I have a grab bag of goodies to share with you. It is always fascinating to me when people who do not believe in past lives or don’t entertain the thoughts of spirituality or metaphysics seek out a QHHT session with me. It stretches me to explain the concepts in a different way. I especially love these clients for trusting me to guide them into a space they haven’t given much thought about. The results are equally profound as for those who are spiritually minded and have studied Dolores Cannon. I created a Youtube clip that explains QHHT for those who are not of the metaphysical mind set. I give two examples of sessions with individuals like this.

Next, I have decided to permanently make my Universal Mind Project (UMP) guided meditation free. I previously had it available for an exchange of $4.44. Please use the meditation individually and in groups. I’ve included below an explanation about the UMP and how to access it. 

Last is a TAUK message that surprisingly included the Future Self. That’s a new one for me! I’m always cautious when using TAUK as a tool for prediction. Let’s call this a possibility.

January 6, 2018

God & Future Self

[Hello God & Future Self. Future self??] Yes, we thought it might be nice to tap into your future self to ask questions. [That’s great! I’m in!]

[How far in the future of myself are we talking about?] We are unlimited. How far would you like to begin? [Let’s go in earth time increments. Perhaps you can give an answer that benefits all who read this along with some personal information I will keep to myself? Let’s start 5 years ahead to 2023, please.] In the year 2023 the earth will be in a state of expansion still felt as chaos to some, exponential growth to others. The look of the continents will have changed. The monopoly on control will have dissolved. More people will imagine the reality of peace. Fear will be entertained by fewer and fear will be know as a mechanism to control.

[And in the year 2043, 25 years from now what will life be like on earth?] It will be a time of peace for all and war will not be supported in any way. What you see as current chaos in society in the present time was the catalyst that created change. It was so beautifully orchestrated although in your current time it is challenging to see it as such. 2017 marked a year of rapid change in human perception. This only escalates as the years follow. The great teaching of this will be seen as the time of inward exploration. You need the chaos to disengage and question what you have been programed about. In 25 years time you will easily look back and see the great shift in all of humanity and will be grateful for those who shook the tree and awoken the masses in many different ways. The villains will be seen as heroes and the heroes will be seen as way showers.

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This weekend my Universal Mind Project (UMP) guided meditation will be available for free downloads! All you need to do is visit the https://universalmindproject.com/ website and click the full meditation. In order to use the meditation past this weekend you will want to upload the MP3. Read More

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