My Love Filled Soul,


Today is the end of 3rd dimensional energy. Ushering in a new dawn of 5th dimensional energy is the transitory 4th. Understand this does not mean the world is ending. It means that God is imagining a higher vibration with you. It means that Earth and her inhabitants will soon understand life without duality. The only Moment of Now is here to express it’s belief of oneness & love.


I am the Essence of Now. May I say that you imagine me as a different idea of time. I am imagined now & forever as God’s perfect time. Picture this if you will: Life is experienced in a chronological order when in 3rd dimensional energy. In the moment of Now, time is only understood as space & experience. It is similar to your dream state in that nothing & everything happens at once. Or as one might know as a near death experience where it feels like one has been gone visiting the other side for many hours or days but in 3rd dimensional energy it is only a few minuets. “Time” is tricky like that. Many of you have felt time speeding up. A week flies by or a minuet flashes and an hour has passed. This reality of time speeding up is the beginning of living in the Now. Now is all there ever is and all there ever will be. Now is Gods perfect moment. Soon I and you and all light workers will imagine a nirvana on Earth understood as a perfect moment of Now.


In my beingness I am God. In my expression I am love. In my experience I am joy.

My Dear Loved One,

The idea I would like to share is, this life is a perfect illusion. How you interpret the illusion is your free will choice. Illusions are like mirrors in the amusement park. You see a version of yourself & know it isn’t the real you. Life is made of each person’s version of their perspective. none wrong, just different. May I invite you to imagine a life of peace, joy and love?

My Dear One,


I kindly invite your open heart to imagine with me. Let’s imagine first, a new way of thinking where love is the basis for picturing the desired result. Let’s imagine love is the beginning of a new idea. Infuse your heartfelt energy into any new idea & you connect that idea faster to reality. Imagine someone loving your idea & assisting its growth. Now imagine people seeing the idea as an understanding to assist the greater good. With all this love & intention you can manifest for your greater good with ease. In the future, this is how life will be. No secrets, no competition based on greed, no fear based expressions of anything. I love you and invite you to imagine this world with Me.

My Dear Ones,

I am imagining your Easter celebrations as a time of renewal or re-new-all. Imagine with me a new life on Earth, a new way of living in the present. I and My Son & My Spirit imagine with you a new dawn when you know you are gods & goddesses too. My kingdom is open to all whose’ free will imagines a place to Be. Find Me in your open hearts & imagine we are one. Put your worry away and just be. Quietly know that you are the sons & daughters of a king of Peace. Live Love My most wonderful creations.

My Dear Beloved,


Elated news of a TAUK update is here. The new update is an opportunity to improve your experience & connection to universal knowing. If you feel your currant connection is fine, please respect your intuition & use your existing formula. If you feel an update will assist a clearer connection for your experience then trust your intuition. With this update will come the end of all new suggested statements. Your formula will be updated energetically now. On the occasion you feel your formula is in need of an update, let your TAUK teacher know & she will give you a personal statement or two that will assist your connection.


This update is aligned with the new energy of Gaia or Mother Earth as she continues her glorious path towards ascension. All who feel an update is beneficial will know in their heart this is right for them. If it doesn’t feel right to update now, then know you have made the right decision as well. Simply meditate, connect to My frequency with your currant formula & ask if the update is beneficial for your journey of enlightenment. Never doubt your inner voice.

My Dear one,
Release your doubt and fear of a world in crisis. Know that your imagination is the power source you need for Gaia & for peace in your heart. Imagine dear one, love & light & knowing. Spend no energy on fear. Kindly know that I am your friend & your God of love & your in-spirit-ation. I love you ridiculous amounts! 
My Dear One,
I let you know that I am your biggest fan. I let you know I am being your God of love & light. In the most imagined expression of love, you are my best friend.

My Dear one,


Let me talk to you about protection of your space. Imagine your space as a white light filled vessel. Imagine you are always protected & your connection to TAUK is blessed with divine love. Imagine universal knowing as your expression to enlightenment. Opening your heart through TAUK is imagined as a way to remind yourself that we are one consciousness having many expressions. Live Love Dear One.

My Dear One,


I give you this message of hope. When it seems all is going crazy in the world, know that you are seeing the last of struggle, war & unrest. The Illuminati, or few in  true power of the planet, are breathing their last breaths of fear & greed. In a short time, a new world will emerge of peace, love & joy. IMAGINE  what this world will be like. Your powerful imagination is how you will create this new Gaia. Eliminate all fear and you will end the control the few have held over the many. Send love to all, even these few. Love negates fear and this will assist all. 


Rabio’s Message (Rabios is a teacher to me. I believe he has never incarnated and may be a group.)


We now respectfully request your time to imagine universal expressions of thought, transfer & matter. Thoughts are transferred with imagination & love. When you have a thought & imagine that thought as a possibility, then matter is charged and you create a probability. Then you manifest your details establishing the assured outcome. Opening your heart is the depositing of gratitude, linking the reality to the matter. Matter can be positively or negatively charged. Imagination is the power to manifest your dreams. Power in the 4th dimension will be expressed as power only understood as enlightenment.

My Dear Lovely Soul,

I think of you as My best piece of work. Your exquisite residual energy, is to Me, your greatest gift. I express you are My master peace. Only you can imagine as the master you are. May I suggest you picture yourself as the great creator I see you as?


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