My Dear Loved One,

Give me a moment to imagine with with you the grandest version of the light filled you. You see a human body with flaws imagined by the ego. I see universal expressions of perfection. You see fear as a motivator. I see joy as the equalizer. You begin to imagine there is a spark of Me in you. I believe every cell of you in Me. Let your ego have a much deserved rest and Imagine you see with My eyes.

My Dear Ones,

I AM. I AM love. I AM hope. I AM imagination. I AM. Assisting your heart to understand God IS you is the link to imagining universal knowing. Portal jumping is a way to experience high imagination. High imagination is the most pure form of imagination. Express imagination with portal jumping and you will know your limitlessness of your connection to Me.


My Dear Ones,

I love you as I love Myself. Imagine yourself as a perfect image of love.Understand that I see you as this image no matter what may occur in your life experience. God loves you this way, always. Imagine you love others this way, always. Imagine they love you this way, always. Now you love as I love.


My Dear Children,


I express great love and great joy for the Egyptian people and all of humanity. Portals of imagination have opened & universal inhabitants of all frequencies & dimensions are in support of this major shift in consciousness. Portals are opening now for the enlightened imagination that will release the dark energy of Earth’s present state and will usher in the love of God for these unparalleled times. IMAGINE the transition in Egypt as open (transparent) and easy. Imagine unified minds & hearts giving the process of High Love to all communities in the Middle East. This land is sacred with history that will soon become relevant again. Let your hearts fill with joy & kindly imagine peace for all.


Live Love dear souls.

My Dear Soul,


Expressing the shift of thought to peace & joy is the experience you are witnessing in Cairo & other places in the middle east. Find love in your thoughts & send it to the brothers & sisters of your planet. The build-up is the necessary outcome to the changes needed, for the support of the vibrational shift of Gaia. In the departure of Hosni Mubarak & his group of like minded operatives, various new leaders will emerge. These leaders are the imagined souls of new thinking. Their guidance will assist all who live on your planet. Imagine their belief as unified with peace for all of mankind. Open your heart to communicating with their hearts for the imagined outcome of peace.

Live Love.


I AM love.

I AM hope.

I AM peace

I AM. This is your mantra for life and for Universal Knowing. 
Live Love Dear Souls.


Imagine with Me for a moment.

Imagine your life as fulfilling.

Imagine your being of light as a filled structure of radiance.

Imagine openness to love as the experience of knowing Me.

Imagine today & everyday as a fresh beginning.

Imagine the understanding that you are imagined in God’s love.

Imagine there truly is no separation between us.

My Dear Souls,


I AM. ‘I AM’ is a powerful statement proclaiming God is All. If I AM All then you are Me. If you are Me then you are God. Simple & perfect. You are Me and I AM you. Simple & perfect.

Live Love My grand & universal Gods & Goddesses.
Your Message
My dear souls, hope is your guide in times of worry. Love is your guide in times of pain. Give yourself permission to imagine love & hope as Universal Knowing. Only you stand in your way of BE-ing.


Imagine with your heart, a new year of souls on Gaia making preparations for the great experience of mass awakening. Have good thoughts and kindness for strangers you meet, for friends, family & co-workers. Make the love in your heart reflect in their eyes & know you have been a teacher to them. Your connection to Me is the lesson they feel. Live Love dear souls

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