My dear ones,
I love you all and imagine your expression of the new year as a time of great hope. I extend to you this belief. You and I are One. We are the perfection of the grandest plan. We are the essence of love and peace. We open the hearts of humanity for the greater good of God & Gaia. We are a team of One. How you connect is your choice, just connect dear Ones.

Kindly allow for the probability that there is order in the chaos you see around you. Never before on your planet has optimal understanding been known for the shift you are experiencing. The given imagination for Gaia and her ascension is allowing negative energy to divert to neutral energy. Be open to love and to peace. Imagine your life as perfection. Imagine your world as your Nirvana. Live Love dear souls.

My Dear TAUKers, please invite the knowing of peace in your heart to relieve the doubt of these changing times. Give yourself the option to manifest a grateful shift of consciousness. Some will see utter calamity others will see God’s greatness & tossing away of old teachings & understandings. Find your peace in your heart & imagine love, imagine hope, imagine today as your Nirvana.

Open your hearts dear ones to wonderful news! No longer will & fear rule Gaia (Earth). Hope & love expressed as universal Knowing can be felt in your hearts now with much ease. Give yourself permission to love fully, to hope endlessly & to universally know you are Divine. Imagine it.

My dear students of TAUK, I give you this message:  Have hope for the release of pain in your life, for the shedding of pain is the expression of the ego losing the battle of control. Love is the only expression you need for enlightenment.

Love yourself & know that

 I AM. Give yourself great understanding that God is in your heart. Picture your connection to Me as an open phone line dear souls. Never doubt the love I have for you.

Connect to My love with gratitude & open hearts, beings of light. I AM. Connect with hope for humanity & with peace in your hearts. Live Love.        


1) Sit quietly in meditation & then picture a beautiful door.


2) Open your door and see several globes of light in various colors.


3) Pick one & walk through it.


4) You are now inside your portal. Be aware of the experience. Your frequency is raising, similar to connecting with your formula, stay here a few minutes.


5) Imagine stepping through your portal & imagine a beautiful park.


6) Look around and see (feel) if you are with someone or on your own.


7) Let your experience unfold. Picture your portal as an energetic necklace you wear always.


Your experience may be one you ‘see’ or ‘feel’ or both. Sensory experiences are different for everyone. Let go, trust & receive.


Love a little more today dear TAUKers. Give of yourself to someone else. Find peace and understanding for others. Imagine your dreams as fulfilled. Release fear & bless its passing. Live Love dear souls.

Please open your hearts to imagination for peace on Earth. Never before has Earth underwent a shift of consciousness that will be understood as the Golden Age. TAUKers can tap into this consciousness with ease & picture their roles with expressions of love & enlightenment to assist themselves & others through this known portal to Gaia or heaven on Earth. Give your energy to expressions of peace, love & kindness.

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