And now a lovely word from our friend, KIG
 Express to the students that they are the light workers who many, many lifetimes ago, agreed to assist God and all in humanity to imagine peace into existence. The mission is clear and the time is near to realize the greatest truth that All are given the right to imagine love from the Creator because they originate from the source of All.
Imagine life without wars, without anger, without hate, without ridicule.
Imagine life with love, with peace, with tolerance, with universal brotherhood.
That is the request from God.

Might let the students know, God (Divine, Spirit) and all in this dimension who imagine openings of portals to love and peace are now expressing great joy for the students, especially those who imagine connection to angels, loved ones and Masters.

Imagine your connection to God (Divine, Spirit) as your connection to love and hope. This is the establishment of integrating peace. Never think you will imagine lost souls when expressing hope to lost souls.

6/11/2010 God Message

I give imagination for the betterment of planet earth. I’m always expressing love and optimism even in times of crisis. Might send love to the gulf and all expressions of God’s Universe. Live Love my dears.

 Find God (Divine, Spirit, Universe…You pick!) in your heart always and all ways. Find peace too. Find your time to meditate and recharge. Now love and be loved.

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