June 6th, 2016


[Hi Dad!] Hi Suzy. I love you. [I love you too.] I know you miss me in the physical. [I do. I also know it’s only a perception that there is separation. You were one of my favorite people in the physical though.] Thank you sweetie. I thought you would like an update on my adventures on this side.

[Definitely!] I have become a student of love and kindness. For this to happen I needed to go to each life I have had to review them and find traits of love and connection to others. Read More


June 4, 2016

God & Gabriel

[Hello God & Gabriel.] Hello Suzy. We are here today to give you an understanding on the topic of compassion. The heart is a physical organ. It also is an intuitive organ and is different from other parts of the physical body. Read More


Hi Everyone,

For those of you who have thought about having a QHHT session or may already have one scheduled, here are some great tips and information to help you to choose the best practitioner for you and to help you have the most amazing session ever! You can look for practitioners close to you on the Official Practitioner Listing here:

Important Things To Consider When Choosing a QHHT Practitioner

Read More


Hi Everyone,

Thank you for the great support and comments on my and Ron’s latest Event clip. It’s been heart warming to us both! Here we go with some more synchronicity. This morning I have been communicating with the lovely Gregg Prescott of  Read More


Hi Everyone,

As mentioned in the previous post, Ron Head and I have continued our Speaking with Self QHHT recordings and The Event series of YouTube clips. Below is the fifth in The Event series. Ron recently moved back to Des Moines, Iowa where I live which allows us to continue these sessions in person, as all QHHT sessions should be done.  Read More


Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to give you a heads up that Ron Head and I are back in the same city again after nearly two years and have continued our QHHT sessions where he brings through “The Creator” energy. We pick up where we left off talking about The Event ~ The Shift of Consciousness our planet and humanity is experiencing. We will post the latest Event Update on Sunday, May 22nd, 2016. This is Part 5 in our series. Read More

space sunrise

Hi Everyone!

Today I wanted to re-introduce you to some friends of mine and share with you work that they are doing to assist our quest for inner truth. It’s a great thing when we realize we have all answers within. Better yet when we can share the gifts that this knowledge brings. When we share, it can help lift others to knowing that ‘reality’ is in flux and there is so much more ‘out there’ than perhaps we ever imagined. Read More

peruvian jungle

Hi Everyone,

 Today I had booked a Reiki session with a very talented intuitive friend named Elizabeth Eiler. This was only my second session with her and she feels like a friend from way back…One of those. 🙂 Last session she gave me very interesting knowledge about my angels and animal guides. She is the real deal. Today in our session she was quieter at first and then started telling me about a guide named Ana whom I have Peruvian and Bolivian connection with. She said that Ana called me Serpent Woman in the meaning of a keeper of knowledge. Elizabeth channeled through quite a bit of information for Ana and naturally I couldn’t wait to get to my meditation room to see if she wanted to chat via TAUK. She did. 🙂 My feeling is that Ana will be a regular here on the TAUK blog. Today she gave a beautiful lesson on adjusting our frequency to be in synch with our physical surroundings. I hope you enjoy!  Read More


Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share with you an observation I made about dream travel or astral (lucid) projection this past weekend. If you want, try it out! Read More

Happy Weekend!

It’s so quiet in my house right now. Even the dogs slept in until 10! Although it is my own guided meditation I have to admit it’s been awhile since I’ve taken the Universal Mind journey. Join me this weekend connecting to our inner wisdom!

Here is the Universal Mind Project Intro:

To download the meditation go HERE.


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