hearts mergingFebruary 2, 2016


[Hi Dad!!!] Hi Suzy! I love you. [I love you too!] I wanted to give you an update on how I am. I am wonderful. I am learning how to expand my awareness of being many places at once and learning how to acknowledge each of the places. It’s like keeping tabs on many of your soul aspects. It takes some understanding of oneness and individuality. I know that you like to ask about parallel lives in your QHHT sessions and this is similar. Read More


Hi Everyone!

I DO have the best job in the universe, I swear. As I sit down with a client in my office in Des Moines, Iowa, I never know exactly what their hypnosis session will present. I listen to them share their life stories, challenges, health issues, heart break and curiosity. I hear them tell me about the oddest of coincidences; especially once they have made their appointment with me. Every person I sit with has a fascinating journey to share. Read More


Hi Everyone,

I’m just getting back from a lovely holiday and was sitting to TAUK through a message. As I pulled up Pages on my laptop this quote was waiting for me. Before my holiday I had just started to transcribe my own recent QHHT session. Unfortunately the recording is now lost, just leaving this one delicious tidbit. If I recall after the past life I viewed I was on the spirit side having a session with my council. They were looking at a book called, “The Blueprint for Humanity”. Read More


Eclipse_of_our-open-HeartHi Everyone! 

If you are ready to sign up for the free TAUK class, read the info below, the link to the class is at the end. Once you are signed up for the class, you can begin anytime you wish. You’ll have unlimited access to the teaching side of the website so don’t feel like it all has to be done this weekend.  Read More


Hi Everyone!

My gift to you this holiday season is the opportunity to learn TAUK for free! When I first created TAUK in 2008,  I thought it was only for connecting with loved ones who had passed over. Quickly though amazing connections were being made with angels, guides, God, the High Selves of friends, pets and even our own High Self and our past life selves. As we expand our consciousness through the shift, TAUK is a demonstrative experience of raising the veil between dimensions. There really is no limit!! Read More

 Hi Everyone,
I am very excited to announce that I am hosting the gifted and wonderful psychic, medium intuitive Paul Selig again in Des Moines, Iowa February 6-7, 2016; registration information is below.
He will be speaking at Plymouth Church in Des Moines to The Common Thread group on Thursday, February 4 from 7-9pm. The public is welcome to Common Thread & it is a free event.  Paul will be giving a limited number of private, 30 minute sessions on Friday, February 5th. More information is coming; you can also email me  for details. A weekend workshop with Paul and his Guides is a transformative experience, I know as this will be my third to attend. Paul masterfully channels his Guides and attunes the participants in ways that are life enhancing and changing. This year the workshop will be held at the lovely Hoyt Sherman mansion which previously hosted The Buddha Relics Loving Kindness tour. Paul’s next channeled book, “The Book of Mastery” is due out shortly before this workshop on January 5th, 2016 and can be pre-ordered now! I hope to see you there!
Much Love,

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Love & Light

October 18, 2015

God & Gabriel

[Hello God & Gabriel.] Hello Suzy. The topic today is on the increase of light to better illuminate truth and love on the earth plane. Read More


Hi Everyone,

I have wanted to get some TAUK messages posed but my schedule has been wild the last few weeks. Very quickly though I wanted to share this with you. This amazing YouTube clip was posted by a friend of a friend and I feel the wider reach it is given the more we may be able to decode the messages. Please share this wide and far. Read More


Hi Everyone,

I am one of those people is always looking up at the sky! I have a deep appreciation for the ever changing shifts of color and clouds. When my kids were little I told them the sky is like God’s art canvas. My family teases me about all the sunset and sky pictures I take. The one on this post I took just last night.  Read More

King Solomon

Hi Everyone!

I had the honor to give a session where the client (a practitioner & friend) had a life as a son of King Solomon. We were discussing how to achieve the level of light in the body that this client had as King Solomon’s son. The son began a conversation that carried throughout the session about the importance of her putting crystals in her water. She and I thought it might be a good suggestion for anyone who is open.

Much Love,

Suzanne Read More

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