3/19/2011 God & Rabios Messages to the TAUKers

My Dear One,


I give you this message of hope. When it seems all is going crazy in the world, know that you are seeing the last of struggle, war & unrest. The Illuminati, or few in  true power of the planet, are breathing their last breaths of fear & greed. In a short time, a new world will emerge of peace, love & joy. IMAGINE  what this world will be like. Your powerful imagination is how you will create this new Gaia. Eliminate all fear and you will end the control the few have held over the many. Send love to all, even these few. Love negates fear and this will assist all. 


Rabio’s Message (Rabios is a teacher to me. I believe he has never incarnated and may be a group.)


We now respectfully request your time to imagine universal expressions of thought, transfer & matter. Thoughts are transferred with imagination & love. When you have a thought & imagine that thought as a possibility, then matter is charged and you create a probability. Then you manifest your details establishing the assured outcome. Opening your heart is the depositing of gratitude, linking the reality to the matter. Matter can be positively or negatively charged. Imagination is the power to manifest your dreams. Power in the 4th dimension will be expressed as power only understood as enlightenment.

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