TAUK Messages


September 10, 2017 Universal Consciousness [Hello Universal Consciousness.] Hello Suzy. We want to give you information about the coming times. The earth is at the beginning of its’ new awakening.

January 1st, 2014 God [Hi God.] Hi Suzy. [Can I please have clarification over your message yesterday, the part about “Happy New Year & Happy Last Year”. What was meant exactly by “last year”? At the time of receiving the message, I took it as last year, 2013. But I think some people reading the message have interpreted it as 2014 is “the” last year. Thoughts?]

December 31st, 2013 God & Gabriel [Hi God & Gabriel!] Happy New Year & Happy Last Year! “Time” as you know, is an Earth requirement. Time is most definitely speeding up and is doing this so that you (humanity) and Gaia enter the 5th dimension “on time”. ~ That was a play on words! However “time” is no longer able to be measured as it once was. This is felt now as… Read More

To our readers~ I am honored to share a message with you channeled by Ron Head. Ron is a fairly recent student of TAUK, The Art of Universal Knowing. He has become quite proficient in a short period of time and his messages are very informative with possibilities. Ron is working on starting his own blog but for now we are happy to host him here. Live Love, Suzanne     To Creator and… Read More