suzThis blog is a collection of channeled messages from Suzanne Spooner; the creator of The Art of Universal Knowing or TAUK. Suzanne also posts her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy or QHHT session stories here along with channeled messages of other TAUK students. This is a kind and open hearted blog. Please keep your comments helpful and loving. Visit SuzanneSpooner.com to learn how to channel and more about TAUK and QHHT.

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  1. Thank you so much for creating this absolutely loving space full of light, Suzanne. I am so happy you and TAUK stepped into my life. It gives me a confidence I never had before, and most I am now fully aware of what I have been perceiving around me for some years, was not the product of my imagination. TAUK allowed me to understand that what I have and am experiencing is quite real, loving and blessed communication with loving beings from higher realms. The value of your work is immense, and it has contributed enourmously for me to find a more stable inner peace, and a permanent connection with love. Thank you again. Laura Tyco

  2. Hello suzzanne,

    I am very happy of hearing all this information. I am a follower of people like you.
    I do have some questions I need answers to… I sit possible to get you email?
    Just so you know, I am college student from New York

  3. Hello Suzzanne,

    I really enjoyed your dialog with Hirsim in ancient Egypt. If you ever do another session please ask Hirsim if Obama is one of the five priests. Those in the higher realms keep saying Barack Obama is a very evolved being (soul). It seems he has surrounded himself with a lot of dark characters (energy), which may have hindered him from fulfilling his divine mission. I believe he soul contracted to do ET disclosure before incarnating here to balance out much karma. He has avoided doing so up to this point.

    Lightworker, Diana Cooper says she was told that Obama was priest in Atlantis. She channels Archangel Metatron and one of her spirit guides, Kumeka. This is she says in her book, “Transition to the Golden Age in 2032″, quote: “…Barack Obama was indeed a priest who was trained specifically to be a bridge between races, opposing sides, states and countries for his current incarnation. He came in with the qualities to take the United States forward but opposing forces such as the gun lobby, the third-dimensional dogmatic souls in the Bible Belt and the backlog of karma throughout the country have drained his resolution and power. He has felt forced to engage with lower energies rather than shine the light. It was hoped by the spiritual realms that he would be able to hold enough power to make changes, but he is not connected to the angels. In addition, his focus was intended to be on the United States, but his desire to be a world leader has meant that he is in danger of failing in his soul mission.”

    It doesn’t appear to me that President Obama is bridging a lot groups. If fact, I see a lot of division that has been created because of our current president. Anyway. Thanks for all your work.


    • Hi Bill,
      Thanks for your message. In the regressions I have done with Susan we have actually asked about Obama while her subconscious is chatting with us. We have only received information in the most positive light about him. When Hirsim was explaining about the 5 priests he said that they were not people we would know. They keep there profile low and can move about with security. That would also support Obama not being one. ~ Suzanne

  4. Hi Susan,
    I live in New Zealand and was wondering if you may know of any QHHT practitioners available here as I am very interested in trying this. The information I have been reading in your blogs are really awesome and I thank you for sharing this, I now know what to do and how I can help those around me during the great changes we are to face. Also do you have any insight into the changes to happen in NZ?,our volcanos are waking up, I know that much is for sure, but to what degree I don’t know. Thank you once again

    • Hi Debbie,
      I would LOVE to come see you in NZ…But in lieu of that, Go to http://www.dolorescannon.com and she has a page where you can find a practitioner close to you! She has taught a few times in Australia, so I would assume you have some great practitioners close to you!

      As to the volcanic activity or New Zealand in particular, I don’t have any real information. Radiate you calmness. 🙂

      • Hi there, thanks so much for that info, I have emailed a practitioner in my area and am looking forward to the experience. Will let you know how I go. I will certainly be sending calming energy to our volcano’s as I have a lot of family and friends living in their shadow. Thanks again

  5. Interesting blog. I wonder if you could share information as to how I access more information about my being from Atlantis? Thanks!

  6. Hi Suzzanne firstly thank you for creating this site it’s helped me understand a lot more about the this new door being open in my life to a realm that I didn’t even really know existed a few months ago. You have helped answer a lot of questions and the information here is very uplifting! Please please keep posting more :). I had a QHHT session a few months ago and it was suggested to meditate and if was wondering if you could maybe blog or give me advise about how YOU practise meditation and get reach that deep state of meditation can you share you technique with me please because there’s so many technique out there but would like to know your routine, how you get into that state of deep mediation how long that takes you etc. I sometimes feel out of touch with my higher self and find it a struggle to meditate. Thanks again. Looking forward to your answer :).

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