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You are becoming YOU. – Michael channeled by Ron Head      Spanish   Portuguese   We speak this morning of your many religions and their single truth.  There is a divinity within all life.  The very highest value in the multiverses is the sacredness of life.  All similarities among your various belief systems are due to the agreement upon this one principle. Life is given by your Creator as an extension of the creative principle… Read More

Begin to expect the occasional miracle. – Michael channeled by Ron Head   My friends, we will speak today about your joyous emergence into your true selves.  Your mental picture is most likely of a celebrating you at the completion of a process.  That is a wonderful picture to have.  But that is a picture of a reality that, although it exists now, is not yet your reality in your dimension.

“Keep your eyes on the prize.” – Michael and Raphael channeled by Ron Head       Press here for   Spanish   or Portuguese   Michael and Raphael Good morning, dear friends.  I bring today Raphael of the healing light.  Raphael has a message which is important for you now as you absorb the light from your sun, the Universe and Central Sun. 

This, my dearest friends, is the secret. – Michael channeled by Ron Head       Press here for   Spanish   or   Portuguese   Our message today is for you to maintain your center during the coming three weeks.  Very powerful alignments and energy waves are going to occur and change you more rapidly than anything you have experienced thus far.

We look at your planet now and we see the world of peace that you have created. – Michael channeled by Ron Head       Press here for   Spanish   or  Portuguese   Good morning, dear friends.  We shall speak a bit more on the subject of your ascension.  We shall touch on what you may expect to see this year and what may take longer to completely manifest. First let us tell you that there will… Read More

There is that within you that knows. – Michael channeled by Ron Head       Press here for   Spanish   or   Portuguese   Let us speak about your ability to know truth when you hear it.  At the present time this is a valuable ability indeed.  Vast amounts of information are placed before you daily.  How can you know what is true and what is intended to mislead you?

Shine my beloved friends! – Michael channeled by Ron Head     Press here for   Spanish   or  Portuguese   Our message today is on the topic of lasting peace.  You have received many messages from many quarters concerning the control exerted over the efforts to begin another global war.  This is all true and will continue to be.

Amaze yourselves. We promise it will be fun. – Michael channeled by Ron Head   Press here for  Spanish   Portuguese The time has arrived for you to begin making preparation for your new lives.  They do not exist somewhere else in another time.  They exist within you.  You have created them. But your manifesting will take giant steps forward when you find the confidence, faith, belief, motivation, etc. to take concrete steps in any form… Read More

Do not assume that there is nothing you can do. – Michael channeled by Ron Head March 24, 2012 in Ron’s Channeled Messages | Tags: Channeling, Consciousness, Michael,Spirituality, TAUK | by Oracles and Healers  Press here for   Spanish   Portuguese   Now we must discuss the effect your consciousness has on your surroundings.  Everything in your world is affected by it.  Your higher states of consciousness have even more effect than you have had previously.  That is the reason you have been able to… Read More

My dear friends, we must talk now about something we take quite seriously, ascension.  At this time you are feeling changes happening to your bodies, your lives, and your emotions, which should confirm for you that you are indeed on that path. These will continue and accelerate.  A great many changes have been promised to you, and we assure you again now that they are all coming.  Not everyone will experience the… Read More