You are becoming YOU. – Michael channeled by Ron Head

You are becoming YOU. – Michael channeled by Ron Head


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We speak this morning of your many religions and their single truth.  There is a divinity within all life.  The very highest value in the multiverses is the sacredness of life.  All similarities among your various belief systems are due to the agreement upon this one principle.

Life is given by your Creator as an extension of the creative principle itself.  The urge to create and the freedom to create are valued beyond price.  The creative force itself is at the heart of, and is the goal of, all true spiritual experience.  To the extent that this is recognized in thought, there would be no argument among the belief systems on your planet or any other.

Every teacher whose teachings have made any sort of lasting impression upon you has begun and ended with this first principle.  Is it love?  Is it wisdom?  Is it the way?  Is it Truth?  It is all these things and more.

There is a counter principle at work on your planet, still, which proposes a higher value than life.  It reveres profit, or gain.  In doing that it has lost sight of the fact that there must be a subject, or living being, to profit or gain.  Again it should be obvious, but has been lost or intentionally obscured, that if no life profits or gains, there can be no profit or gain.  It also proposes that some life has more value than other life.  Do you need more than an instant to evaluate that statement?  Of course you do not.  So therein, dear friends, you will find the crux of the matter.

The measuring rod of every thought, every action, every law, should be, and actually is, does this benefit all life.  It does not take a great deal of deep thought to see that this principle has been increasingly ignored for a very long time, not by the millions of you, but by the few who would seemingly benefit.  The only way to see any seeming benefit is to turn one’s face aside from the truth and at the same time to allow oneself to ignore the consequences of one’s actions.

Time, which does not truly exist, and the finality of death, which is also an illusion, make that possible.  What if you became able to understand that time is an illusion?  What if you became positive, beyond any doubt, that death is an illusion?  What if you could at last see clearly that no one ever escapes the consequences of their actions because their judge and jury is ever within themselves?  As the curtain is raised, dear ones, these things will become obvious to every incarnate being.  Those who choose to see will see and rejoice.

You may see around you those who seemingly reverse lifetimes of attitude and action.  The force which will bring this to pass is known as love.  Love is the valuing of life above all else.  Unconditional love is the valuing of that life regardless of what it has done or where, when, how, or why.  Value the life itself.  Have you learned to do that yet?  Can you?  We know how difficult that is for you yet.  But you are rising every moment in your understanding and your feelings are changing.

This is confusing you at times.  Yet it is also making you happier and giving you hope.  You are becoming the new earth.  You are bringing into your lives, your minds, your bodies, more and more of the being which you are a tiny extension of.  Things which were difficult or impossible for you will be matters of course, and you may not even realize when it happened.  You are becoming YOU.  The cumulative power of that will change your world overnight.  Love yourselves, dear ones.  You are the life we have been discussing.

Today be peace.  Today be love.  Tomorrow we will talk again.

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