A Message of Urgency to All Light Workers ~ A QHHT Session Given By Andrée Cordella


QHHT practitioner Andrée Cordella and her client, Julie Ann have given their kind permission to share their names and their amazing QHHT session. More about them and contact information at the end of this post.


One thing I particularly love about QHHT sessions is the absolute, pure truth and energy that comes through the client, especially during the part where their High Self is speaking to them. The session is always recorded so that the client can hear for themselves how loving  and expansive this ‘bigger part’ of them is. Occasionally, the HS will step aside so that Councils, or other loving entities can come through and use the gift of the clients voice.  During Julie Ann’s session the “3 Councils of Twelve” came through to talk about an urgency for Light Workers to follow their path. She felt this message was given not only to her directly but to all Light Workers and to those just waking up. I had my own experience with The Council of 12 during a QHHT session HERE. * I apologize for the wonky type on this post; it’s a WordPress issue. 


Andrée explains:  

One powerful thread has run through my recent sessions; people who have been pulled powerfully onto their path who have had no previous revelation of themselves as spiritual beings are now being ramped up and engaged with their intuitive abilities very quickly.

Many of them believe themselves to be loosing their minds. (I say, excellent, it’s good to know we are not our minds.)

I also sense urgency, as if all hands are needed on deck. It’s time to show up. 

Another common theme is people whose health issue have reached a critical mass; They all know what to do to take care of themselves yet they just won’t do it.

They all want to know what is stopping them. Among the urgency there is poignancy and grace.


The Conversation Begins:

After the past lives part of the QHHT session, when the clients High Self or Subconscious is accessed to answer the clients list of questions and do healing work on the client’s body, Julie Ann’s High Self told me it was bringing in “The 3 Councils of Twelve” and that they wanted to talk to me. The converging voices spoke for 11 minutes about this work. This is some of what was said: 


“We ask you to find a way to do that which you do with your gifts that you may do for more at same time and we ask you to pray upon this and to go into your white light place and we ask for you to find a way to reach more through your work and this may be through direct revelation, this maybe through espousement of teachings, this can be in many forms but we ask you to move this along so much rides upon it this your soul expansiveness is without limit and most magnificent so we say to you it is a delight of sheer proportion to be with you in this energetic and we say it matters not how we connect it is no consequence to us for we come to you direct and you know this but we feel that we must shake you a bit now to ask you to look upon your landscape with new- you call these- binoculars- and we say vision quest far, far out for there is much wonderment and we say Arcturian energetic energies surround you much and protect you much and you feel this blue light as it comes and drapes you and we wish to alarm you not of future time to come but we must say to you again that dark times will fall upon this Gaya planet and that light workers such as yourself are salvation-so we must ask you to reach as many as you can. Write and write and write again and give these words-speak your beautiful missives and put them in a place where others may listen. We say time to drape yourself in new vibration, new teachers, new geographies, new essences, we waste time here not to discuss your many beautiful and productive and enlightened past lives for these have come again and again and again-but we say to you interplanetary call is most strong here and now and you feel this in your ears, the ring- you feel the vibration, you sense that the air that you breath has a different essence-a heaviness purse-and we say this is true, and you know this to be true.    

And we say this all part of ascension and enlightenment. We have seen fit to make sure that many protections surround you and those that you love- be not in any fearfulness  from this transmission. We are here merely to tell you today that beautiful horizons come for you. Know in your heart dear, that this work is Christ work; God work; Heaven work that you do. Lives have changed and healing is so magnificent. We ask you to gather them all up and help them see this light with you,to get rid of these excess’, these things that they hold on to that actually hold so many back. Light as a feather you travel now in your ascension that we thank you again, again and again from so many on high-Archangels that surround you, always. The eons have come to play upon you dear ~We love you and are never far from you. Go with the knowing that so much that you have done, how many you have changed and how you shall never ever, ever stop leaving your beautiful imprint on this most beautiful incarnation of yours. 



Andrée is aDedicated Practitioner of Dolores Cannons QHHT. She facilitate these sessions in 2 metaphysical centers: Circles of Wisdom in Andover, MA and NH Metaphysical in Londonderry, NH. You may contact her at her websites: www.indigowindow.com and www.inner-knowing.org .

Julie Ann is co-owner of NH Metaphysical Center in Londonderry, NH.  She also  does channeling.


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Dolores Cannon’s website: http://www.dolorescannon.com/ Dolores developed the process of QHHT.

2 Comments on “A Message of Urgency to All Light Workers ~ A QHHT Session Given By Andrée Cordella

  1. Reblogged this on Dawn of Divine Rays and commented:
    Namaste Earth Families, – This message says ‘ All hands are needed on decks’. We’ve to first start with ourselves. Heal ourselves first and know that we must take the first step. Eat right and during winter time, eat lesser. Bundle up more with more layers of clothes and more layers of socks. That’s what I do. Eat less, drink more and bundle up at home. I put a layer of plastics on my window and use scotch/masking tape to tape the plastics so that the cold air won’t get inside the house. We need to help ourselves now. We won’t be ‘beat’. I know that this winter is really hard and we only have to ask for help from our higher selves . .to ask what that is needed for us to help ourselves .. and LISTEN!! Do what is necessary and don’t allow your mind to waddle into a ‘pitiful’ state. I’m cold too but it is what it is. Just make the best of what we can do and allow our higher selves to guide us and so it is. For those who doesn’t know what energy healing is … it is about intuition from your heart. Take heed and do what you must .. for yourself first before we can assist others. Namaste.

  2. Interestingly, I have received a similar message with a slight variation in tone. I say this because my HS has been keen to stress to me that any and all appointments that I have in my life will be made and that I have only to maintain the aligned and balanced connection to my HS and continue as the whole and grounded being that I am. This is, as I understand it, a natural byproduct of existing in the timeless now. We are never late but are at one with The All – we ARE time.

    However, I DO feel that the “holding pattern” or “chrysalis” that had been a theme for me and enveloped me is NOW lifting allowing for connections to be made and expansion into the world to occur. I am feeling a breath of fresh air that in quality seems different than what life was like before the sequestration needed for my spiritual and physical metamorphosis. I feel like I am free to explore and choose my next steps without being locked into anything other than what represents my highest joy! I feel like I now have my own authentic perspective that I and those with whom I am to connect are now ready to explore and am confident that all is as it should be at all times. There will always be challenges for they serve as doorways to expansion, but they needn’t be negatively defined. Greeting challenges as teachers is one way dodge the pitfalls of procrastination and resistance to self.

    I do not feel that these thoughts are in any way contrary to the above very enlightened message, but possibly another perspective of its multidimensional richness. Every Now Moment is always the time to go within to seek healing and balance. As the message says, do not fall into panic or worry. Tend to your day and exist in inner balance and clarity in as much as you can and follow your heart’s delight for it is always the beacon that is You calling You home!


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