My dad pops in to say it’s all going to be fine ~ Suzanne Spooner of tauk

Hi Everyone, I truly do my best to be an impartial observer to the events happening around us. I do like to understand all sides. This week though the things coming into my focus have been diving deeper than usual into the more unpleasant aspects coming to light in this grand awakening. I do my best to stay compassionate. But hey, it’s been a week! So tonight I sat down and my sweet father Ron came forth with a great ‘dad’ message. It actually aligns well with my last Thoth message, just in a dad voice. 😍As a side note, his smorgasbord analogy is personal. In my childhood my family owned a lovely restaurant called The Maple Buffet; a Swedish smorgasbord in Central Iowa.

[Hi Dad.❤️] Hi Suzy, I love you. Today I want you to know that the world will be okay. You worry about those with dark intentions. You have nothing to worry about.

Everyone is running the program that best serves them for individual growth. Some see fear and need to experience that. Some see a reset and need to experience that.

It’s like a smorgasbord of experiences because the end of the (old) world has happened. Everyone is racing towards dessert but some need to clean their plates up first. Those are the wide ranging experiences you observe. You are going to be fine. ❤️

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5 Comments on “My dad pops in to say it’s all going to be fine ~ Suzanne Spooner of tauk

  1. What a wonderful message! Ty for sharing! #wwg1wga

    Greetings from a Swedish patriot

  2. Thank you dear Suzanne for this message…At these times sometimes it is hard to figure out what is exactly that we are being led, so this is a welcome validation from your dear Dad…Blessings and Love from Malta ^_^ ♥ David

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