This is the New Earth ~ A Thoth Message by Suzanne Spooner

April 7, 2020

[Hi Thoth.] Hi Suzy.

Today I want to give you knowledge about the plan for Earth. The planet is shedding itself of what is ready to go. This includes the souls who agreed to do a mass exit. The souls who are exiting are beloved teachers of the old paradigm. Their transition is understood by them as a new beginning. This is only a change in physicality.

The virus is an agent of change. This change will one day be understood as the tipping point for humanity. The light will show all how to be in the New Earth. Some will try hard to return to the old ways. This will be what they need to do for their own soul growth. No judgement.

Others are using this time of adjustment to change their perspective and create a new reality.

This is the New Earth.

Every soul will create the reality that serves them best. No judgement. Being in the field of light gives a clearer vision of your chosen reality. Meditation is the road to the field of light. Create, re-create and know you are unlimited.

Whichever role you are serving in this time of change was predestined by your soul to learn from. If you are experiencing anger, grief, hope, relief or reprieve know this is what you need to know more deeply.

You are ‘in this together’ because you are ultimately All One.

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