Thoth; An 8th dimension interview ~ A TAUK Message by Suzanne Spooner

Hi Everyone,

I have taken a very long break from this blog as I mainly posted on Facebook. Considering my (all of our) slower paces these days of pandemic, I wanted to share some information and an interesting TAUK message that came through today.

First a little backstory. Often in my QHHT sessions I facilitate the High Self of a client will let me know there are many beings in my office, watching and learning from the session. I welcome them and continue on with the session. This is where I’d love to put on a pair of multi-dimensional glasses to see my guests! 😍

Often times lately, when I channel a message through my process of TAUK, the one coming through is Thoth. This morning there he was again. But unlike any other message I’ve received in the eleven years I’ve done TAUK, this time I was interviewed! It was a lot of fun to be a representative from our field of reality to another! ❤️All things are possible.❤️


[Hello Thoth.] Hello Suzy. You can imagine your life as a teaching to others. Your life is projected into classrooms through many dimensions. You teach others about the human experience and they learn a little bit about you. The students have some questions they would like to ask. [That’s wonderful, I’m happy to answer.]

Q.) How do you like being in a human experience?

Suz) Overall I treasure it dearly. We learn many lessons through duality here. That coupled with a wide range of emotion can be very challenging. The Earth is a very brave planet. It is an exciting time here as I see many looking at fear and letting it go. A human life is not for the meek.

Q.) Thank you. Understanding your life purpose is to help others, what advice do you have for your planet-mates?

Suz) Planet-mates, I love that! I feel the majority of the souls on this planet are serving the same purpose; service to others. We are all co-creators of our experience. My advice is to lead with the heart, maintain your energy and be of service to others.

Q.) Normally we watch you having (QHHT) sessions. We enjoy the energy field you and your clients put off. How is the feeling for you?

Suz) The feeling is very expansive! Each person I work with is amazing. Their unique life stories touch my heart deeply; to help them discover their answers and healing is a gift. I see transformation occur everytime and it is an honor to facilitate for them.

Q.) Is the perception of your life changing through the virus experience?

Suz) Immensely so. I observe the narrative and fear that’s being presented but do my best not to engage. My focus is on the positive. I’m slowing down, getting out of routine, spending time with loved ones, watching spring unfold and being grateful for the massive shift humans are going through.

Suz) Where are you students from?

Students) We are from the eighth dimension.

Suz) Do you have any words of advice for us on Earth?

Students) We know you (all on Earth) see this time as challenging. We see it as a shedding of old ideas. You will not be the same after, but in very good ways. You will be upgraded and see your world more clearly. This is very good. We love and support you all. ❤️

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  1. Thank you so much, Suzanne❣️ I quit FB, so I’ve missed you 🥰. We so need this encouraging energy now, gurl❣️ XO Nan

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