TAUK Messages


June 6th, 2016 Dad! [Hi Dad!] Hi Suzy. I love you. [I love you too.] I know you miss me in the physical. [I do. I also know it’s only a perception that there is separation. You were one of my favorite people in the physical though.] Thank you sweetie. I thought you would like an update on my adventures on this side. [Definitely!] I have become a student of love and… Read More

February 2, 2016 Dad! [Hi Dad!!!] Hi Suzy! I love you. [I love you too!] I wanted to give you an update on how I am. I am wonderful. I am learning how to expand my awareness of being many places at once and learning how to acknowledge each of the places. It’s like keeping tabs on many of your soul aspects. It takes some understanding of oneness and individuality. I know that… Read More

Hi Everyone! I was just TAUKing through some new workshop ideas for The Universal Mind Project when my dad, Ron popped in for a visit. Amongst other things I asked what he has been up to. He gave the following info and I thought I would share it with you. It’s nice to be reminded this shift is a partnership of multi-dimensional levels. Send love out to your loved ones on the other… Read More

Hello Everyone! Recently I was in Italy on a lovely holiday. While in Rome we stayed next to the Pantheon, a place that I feel very at “home” in. This trip I spent some time meditating inside the Pantheon. As I was doing so I soon felt my sweet father, Ron on one side of me and my recently passed teacher, Dolores Cannon on the other! I soon “heard” these simple instructions,… Read More

  From Suzanne: I am sharing a post from my friend, Angelic View  It is a NDE ~ Near Death Experience ~ of a woman who committed suicide but came back to share, as best as she could, what her experience in passing was like. I hope that by sharing these events with you, who have lost a loved one to suicide or any means of physical departure, you can have a peace… Read More

  June 19, 2012 Dad [Hi Dad!! How are you?] Hi Suzy, I am well. Soon you will know this first hand, but universally you are in for a magnificent shift. People from the governments are waking up at a rapid rate. This is in part because certain leaders, who are wide awake, have spread the classified report of the time lines merging.

My Dad: I am like an orange, lots of sections connected to the core. My Take: We all are like an orange, lots of aspects connected to Creator. April 16, 2012 Prilon (My High Self) & Jesus [Hello Prilon & Jesus!] Hello Suzy. J– We are here today to give this message. P– The multi-dimensional life you are living in is now evident in your conscious self. J– Finding the other aspects… Read More

April 12, 2012 Dad [Hi Dad!!] Hi Suzy, I love you! [I love you, too! What’s new with you?] I have been in class. {Cool! To learn what?] To learn about my path for my next incarnation. [Wow. Can you share what your path will be?] I am happy to share with you. In my next incarnation I will be a teacher of self love.