An Update from my Father, Ron on his Journey ~ Channeled by Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

April 12, 2012


[Hi Dad!!] Hi Suzy, I love you! [I love you, too! What’s new with you?] I have been in class. {Cool! To learn what?] To learn about my path for my next incarnation. [Wow. Can you share what your path will be?] I am happy to share with you.

In my next incarnation I will be a teacher of self love. In my last life as your dad, I forgot about my true origin. I was in much pain, seeking a way back home when I ended my life. I know that was not the way to find myself but at the time I felt there was no other option.

I have done a lot of reflection on that life. My heart is healed now and I wish to let all who loved me  know how sorry I am. I expect some will not accept my apology and I understand. My path is open to many possibilities and I am so grateful.

My council now believes the love I have is ready to incarnate again. Our communications will continue as there is always an aspect of me, your father, in this dimension.

I will be in the body of a female and on a planet similar to Earth. This planet is one you have lived on many times. It is a homecoming for me. Five of our soul group are there and waiting for my arrival. I am excited to begin life anew!

God is my best friend and this time I will carry with me my knowledge of divine origin. I can teach other lost souls how to be whole again. God is the great teacher of self love and I am his willing student now.

[Dad, I am so happy for you. I am so excited to hear about your next life and to stay in contact with the dad I love so much. This journey with you has been amazing, miraculous and full of growth. I am understanding better how these multiple aspects of ourselves work. I think you described it best, early on in TAUK’s infancy. You said you are like an orange, lots of sections connected to the core.] Yes, and you will learn much more with Dolores (Cannon). God put her book in your hands so that you can combine TAUK with her method of Quantum Healing Hypnosis. TAUK will be quite different in a year from now. My Zippy, I love you! [I love you too Dad! Safe travels.]

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