Re-blog of Angles Perspective; Session 15

A transcription of an amazing QHHT session by Practitioner, Ella. This is a conversation between Ella and Phil’s High Self or what he refers to as The Collective. You can view their website at

Angles Perspective

Facilitated by Ella, April 29th, 2020

Just let me know when we have The Collective.

(big breath)

You have them.



It’s good to connect with you!

It has been a long time.

Yes, yes it has. A lot has been happening here. We’re glad we were able make this happen today, it has been longer than we hoped.


So, as you probably know, we worked on some questions to ask you but if you have anything you want to start off with, feel free to share whatever you have to say.

We’re open to what you have to share first.

Ok, awesome! So we’ll start with what everybody on Earth is talking about right now, the Corona virus or the Covid19 virus, whatever you want to call it. From your perspective, how would you describe what is going on?

It’s a weird nexus of many things; opportunities…

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One Comment on “Re-blog of Angles Perspective; Session 15

  1. Loved every bit of this…thank you!!! I’m a citizen of both Australian-NZ and the mention of both these countries was very interesting and definitely resonated with me.

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