The Event Part 7 ~ Ron Head & Suzanne Spooner

Hello Everyone,

Ron Head and I have created the next installment in our Event Series! Our first segment began back in 2014. With such interesting times we are all living through, Ron and I thought now would be a great time to check back in with what Ron calls, The Creator Energy. As I always do, I channeled questions to ask in the session. Those questions were very interesting and created a conversation down the rabbit hole. These sessions definitely give us thoughts and concepts to noodle on! We kept the conversation going after Ron ‘came back’ and have included it as well. Our friend and technical guru, Joe Pena shared some of his thoughts about The Great Awakening we all are on. He’s amazing.

I’ll put links below to the rest of the series recordings below. Side note; about 24 minutes in my two dogs, who were in the hall, decided they needed to come in and join the party! 🤷🏼‍♀️I apologize for the interruptions. Working from home is sooo easy! 😂

The Event Part 2

The Event Part 3

The Event Part 4

The Event Part 5

The Event Part 6

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