There is that within you that knows. – Michael channeled by Ron Head

There is that within you that knows. – Michael channeled by Ron Head


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Let us speak about your ability to know truth when you hear it.  At the present time this is a valuable ability indeed.  Vast amounts of information are placed before you daily.  How can you know what is true and what is intended to mislead you?

Your method for determining this has always been to compare the new information you receive to what you already know to be true, and then to accept what agrees with, or fits into , your accepted reality.  That has always worked for you in the past, or has it?

When you were presented with the possibility that your planet moved around your star, it was not accepted because it did not fit into your reality, nor did the possibility that perhaps your world was not flat, nor the possibility that your illnesses were caused by unseen tiny life forms.  Of course we could go on and on with that list.  What are we getting at here?

In order for your method to be effective, it is important for the reality you are using as a measuring device to be accurate.  We are telling you that vast amounts of your understanding of what you call reality, and what you call history, and what you call possibility, is inaccurate and inadequate to the task.  Where then do you look for an effective measuring rod?  We suggest that there is a place to which you have always had access which contains everything you need for this purpose.  This is not to say that using your intellect is always wrong.  You have made wonderful progress with it.  But it has been painfully slow, has it not?  And the necessary corrections have been humorous after enough time has passed to dull the pain.  There is that within you that knows, and has always known all the truth you have ever needed, or will ever need.

You have lost your connection to that place.  This is now being blamed on a small group of conspirators and their non-physical controllers.  We ask you to place your attention elsewhere.  The truth of that will not be of value to your quest.  We keep telling you, “go within, within, within.”  First find your connection to your higher selves, to your heart space, to your Source, to the peace and the quiet within you.  In that place will you know.  From that place will you be able to understand what is of value to your life.  And in that place will you also meet those who, love and support you in your every breath.

When you look out at your world from that place, that reference, you will have that elusive thing we have been calling discernment.  You will know.  Your stomach will know.  Your heart will know.  The hair on your arms will know.  Your inner feelings will know.  Then all you need do is trust.  Trust because others who are not in that space will tell you that you are dreaming, it is just your imagination, you are losing touch with reality, all of those things that have always been said to make you conform.  This is not a time for conforming.  This is the time to find your true guidance.

More than ever before, you will find your guides, teachers, angels, and higher selves eagerly waiting for your presence there in your hearts.  We have always been there, but your time is now.  Our time is now.  We await you with open arms.  We want nothing more than to guide your every step.  We want you to come home to us now.  The table is set and we are ready to get the celebration underway.

We see we have gotten carried away.  This has become overlong.  But we hope it will be helpful for many who are beginning to awaken now.  We will speak again tomorrow.  Good day, my lovely friends.

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