This is your Mindfulness Calling! A Channeled Message by Ann Anderson 4-19-12


Today’s TAUK:
Hello. This is your mindfulness. This is the essence of our life speaking to us from the depths of our existence. We are the spark that animates us. You are a manifestation of the spark of life that has always been at the core of your existence.

There is an essential piece of you, the unchanging molecule that goes with you from life to life, world to world, through eons, kalpas, millennia. You are you. You will always be you. There is no other you than you. 

The purpose of your life is to fuse your daily life with the essence of you. The more you express that essence, the better your life will flow. This is a universal truth.

Friction, trouble, confusion, mistakes arise from acting out of a disconnected place. When you act from you, as you, for you, you are in the flow and all goes well. Trouble is an indicator that you have made a choice or thought a thought that does not resonate with your essential self. That is your built in guidance system.

Do not attempt to change the outcome. Change the basis from which you make your decisions. Other people’s guidance systems cannot help you. You must connect to your own. And from there, all will be well.

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