A Shift in the Sky ~ September 2015 Update ~ A God Message from Suzanne Spooner of TAUK


Hi Everyone,

I am one of those people is always looking up at the sky! I have a deep appreciation for the ever changing shifts of color and clouds. When my kids were little I told them the sky is like God’s art canvas. My family teases me about all the sunset and sky pictures I take. The one on this post I took just last night. 

So, it struck me as odd a few weeks ago when I noticed fewer and fewer airplanes, contrails & chemtrails. There seemed to almost be a post-9/11 feel to it, in the sense of the planes being grounded. We live in a place not far from a big airport and are lined up with Chicago and Omaha so there normally is a steady stream of multiple planes above.

As I first noticed this, the skies were utterly cloudless for several days. I thought maybe the weather conditions aren’t right for the trails to form. So I looked for the speck in the sky that was a moving plane. I might see just one or two all day or none. Then the clouds were back but no trails, no planes; except for the very occasional one.

I started to think this is what the sky would look like if we didn’t use planes to travel but used a different, higher technology; just daydreaming. I and one of my children have been having very interesting dreams of great shifts on Earth. There is also a lot of talk currently in the spiritual communities about huge energetic shifts for this month of September, 2015.

So last night, I woke up with my stomach FULL of butterflies. This is my sign to go to my meditation room and TAUK through a message. I do so groggy headed at 2am (I actually typed up the message in the body of a blank email because I couldn’t think of how to open up Pages on my computer! 🙂 ) I let the message come through, don’t read it, I go back to bed. This morning I retrieved my laptop and read what is below.

You all were wonderful to give suggestions in my most current post, Suggestions From King Solomon’s Son  to add crystals to our water. So, I’m wondering if any of you have noticed a decrease in seeing airplanes, trails or other odd phenomena in the past few weeks?

It is an amazing time we live in!

Much Love,


Thursday, September 3, 2am


[Hi God.] Hi Suzy. I know you want to sleep; I won’t be long. Give me a moment to talk about the events of September. September will be a time of great shift and you are already noticing it. In a higher dimension there is no need to travel by plane. You simply travel by teleportation. You don’t need a plane to take you to another plane, get it?

So, for the last few weeks you have noticed a remarkable decrease of seeing airplanes or their trails in the sky. You mention to your family it is like after 9/11 when the planes were grounded and the sky was well, filled with sky! What you are noticing is what is called a new sight of evolution. It is noticed as the (old) paradigm of travel shifting just enough that the actual old paradigm of travel is no longer visible to your eyes.

Are the planes still in the sky? It depends on how you vibrate. You see the planes and trails at one vibration. At a slightly higher vibration you notice their lack of being in the sky and a sky rich in blueness or filed with beautiful clouds. You still keep an “eye” out for the planes and see one periodically but remarkably fewer than just a few weeks ago.

Next, you will begin to accept that the planes are in a different place altogether and your place has more efficient ways to travel. You are on the verge of purchasing a plane ticket and you’re wondering if you need to do so. Yes, you will purchase one and yes, you don’t need to. You still have some integration to adjust to before you experience how to teleport. We are giving you and others an exercise to begin understanding how a dramatic shift of energies is occurring. A lack of (air)planes in a new plane, so to speak. 

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5 Comments on “A Shift in the Sky ~ September 2015 Update ~ A God Message from Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

  1. Yes definitely there’s a lack of aircraft activity in our area as well. It used to be one every 5 seconds landing and taking off and sometimes you could see the lights of on going air traffic in sky similar to the ground. I am sure those shedules still run the same but sky is almost empty. Definitely no chemtrails. I see this change of view just all around me as well. Like you get a different view every time you close one eye and look from the other; same place different view 💜

  2. Wow! I was visiting my Mother a couple of weeks ago, and when sitting on the deck I mentioned to her that I had not seen NEARLY as many planes this summer and the sky seems to be an especially brilliant blue this summer. Just WOW!!

  3. This resonates precisely to what I am experiencing!!!! YAY! My higher self advised me to see all that I once sought outside of myself as now within myself – love, appreciation, security, resources, technology, etc. As the physical body is “flipping” over through this shift, the outer expierience will increasingly reflect the inner truth. (One can picture a figure ‘8’/infinity symbol unwinding into a ‘O’ to gain a perspective of how the body might go from perceiving the polarized opposites of itself to perceiving more aligned manifestations of itself when holographicly projected from the center of each geometry.)

    Once consciousness has fully shifted into the unique vibration of a desired experience, and once those vibrations integrate fully into the body, the body must be there as well. This is the essence of teleportation and the value of cleansing/resetting the body at this time. The body then becomes “home” to the light body and can travel with it. If we are still holding on to “old paradigm stuff”, emotional, mental or physical matter, then we are still vibrating, in part, to the old paradigm and will experience some lag and disconnect between our 5D awareness and physical experience. This may manifest as physical discomfort or disease coming up to be released so that the body can vibrate more fully to the deepest inner truth of the being.

    However, as we embody/physicalize the full emotional and mental energetic attributes of the new destination, our body joins our spirit in the “already existent” state as the shift has joined us with the “ALL” of creation – every possible manifestation. How this vibration manifests is God’s business – the ego mind must remember that and accept all manifestations as equally valid while choosing to give attention/feed only that which is the preferred experience despite any contrasting information – these are simply other choices no more or less real/valid. As we continually choose what we prefer, what we do not prefer will fade away as the universe is very efficient and will not waste unused energy.

    Important to note is that we manifest “states of being,” not things. These state/vibrations interact with the Unified Field/The All/God and manifest all corresponding material states (5th Density) leaving the soul to choose the highest representation of this state for its material experience. These 5D choices may be physically seen or experienced but is largely just a knowing right now. It would help to remember that it’s all too easy at this time in our evolution to become distracted at this 4/5D level of awareness by our ego’s appetites and heightened contrasts and forget to see and accept the One Vibration present in all. It’s ALL God and it’s ALL good. We can just keep choosing our highest choice from moment to moment at this buffet of timeless options.

    Thank you so much for being a reflection of that which I am experiencing! I give back to this this thread in thanks for the impact it’s had on me and in hopes that your message is enriched by these thoughts. Here’s to continuing to enjoy the journey.


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    | | | Hello Suzanne,This was beautiful and touches so much of what is being shared with me as well.  As  I weeded around my walking Labyrinth today I felt to lay back and relax in the sand path for a bit.  As I did the sky went from pure blue to this most spectacular cloud moving into view with the sun back lighting it and sending out rays on all sides of it.  I smiled and felt so connected to “ALL”  and I could not help but notice how similar it was to your spectacular photo.  September is a time we have heard of as well, and like you,  I remind myself to stay filled with excitement of what is ahead.Your conversation about travel is spot on to many of our conversations as well.  It is wonderful to read all your posts…………..thank you!!!!!!


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