September 28th 2015 – Blood Moon Eclipse – Messages revealed in photographs.


Hi Everyone,

I have wanted to get some TAUK messages posed but my schedule has been wild the last few weeks. Very quickly though I wanted to share this with you. This amazing YouTube clip was posted by a friend of a friend and I feel the wider reach it is given the more we may be able to decode the messages. Please share this wide and far.

My friend asked the creator of this clip to explain what VLC is:

His explanation: 

VLC is a program to play movies, videos and other clips. I found out that I can reproduce this effect on 5 computer with Windows XP AND that VLC. It doesn’t work with an other video player program, Windows 7 or my neighbors MAC. I send a picture to a friend and asked him to check that out but he couldn’t. 

Maybe that works only with me through my higher self or some other spirits / entities are involved.

Just took some pictures from stars again and there are lots of smaller dots on most of the pictures.

Much Love,


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