Suzanne Interviews The Client From “A Designer of Our Reality Simulations”

Hi Everyone,

Thank you to all of you who have listened, commented and reached out to me about my last YouTube QHHT session segment; A Designer of Our Reality Simulations. ❤️ My amazing client, Beverly has stayed in close contact since her session and has shared a huge flow of information she is still receiving post-session! THAT by the way is the power of QHHT in these wild times we are in. Staying consciously connected to all of your knowledge is becoming more and more common after a session. How cool is that? She and I believe there will be much more information to share with you. I’m still figuring out how to package that up. I’ll add some of her latest insights, since this interview, toward the bottom of this post.

I asked Beverley if she would be open to being interviewed and share this new information with you. She so kindly said yes! Beverly and I expand on her session visuals and the knowing in her session that she didn’t share plus more that has come through post-session. Funny thing about that, Beverly felt I was with her in her session visuals and was seeing what she was. 😂I only wish!! We go over a little of her past life, and then dive deep into The Experiment, The Designer and The Engineers plus much more. My producer, Joe Pena of Joe Pena Productions went to work to create a wonderful presentation. We hope you enjoy, share and expand with this interview! And of course a huge thank you to Beverly who is standing in her power (lesson of her past life), not hiding her identity and being true to herself! ❤️

To keep things convenient and easy to refer back to, here is her QHHT session segment.

From Beverly to me June 3, 2020; post interview

The COVID stuff was losing its control and power over a large portion of the collective, even though the mass media was still trying to put out huge fear. When it was finally figured out that it wasn’t controlling anymore, this new distraction was created to make a new form of fear. I’m seeing a separation here; the beginning of a split in human consciousness. There are rioters and then there are peaceful protesters.

I also feel there is a deeper meaning to this specific occurance; to help the collective understand about the old regime and darker truths. To process these things and hopefully the light workers will help release some of this old, negative energy.

I feel this is only the beginning and we are going to see so much more of the past regime come to the surface this year in many different forms. If everyone could just understand truly what is happening, then we could all shift.

Unfortunately I feel that some of this will cause a split. The awake ones won’t take the bait and will work on these things in the collective, helping to prepare for the new energies. In essence the sediment that is heavy and dark, that has been stuck in the bottom is floating to the surface to be removed.

I’m getting that picking the deepest stuff and bringing it out is part of all of us shifting. Seeing it, feeling it, processing it and releasing it. (The process to do this is in her session clip) This makes room for the new.

The people who choose to process negative emotions with more negative emotions want to stay the same. They have a purpose, too and we need to accept all in a non-judgemental way and just step back and choose consciously where we each are individually, with acceptance of ourselves and others.

These are massive learning tools! We have the chance to grow, learn and understand instead of suppress and wait for it to cycle back around.

Thank you for reading, listening and sharing,

Suzanne & Beverly

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4 Comments on “Suzanne Interviews The Client From “A Designer of Our Reality Simulations”

  1. This is so exciting !!! I was just listeneing to Eckard Tolle talking about how to get rid of fear and he is saying the same thing as Beverly… interesting…..I live in Germany and am doing the work that I am getting from all of this and what everybody is talking about. Im just so inspired by all of this. Love all of it. Keep up the work. I feel like I want more.

  2. Hi Suzanne. I hope you still remember me by this time because it’s been awhile. I hope you are well. I am no longer living in Iowa. I am now in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina and have been here three years. I left my husband two years ago but that’s another story. I follow Regina Meredith on Gaia tv and also her personal website. She has a book club. When I heard about this latest one, I immediately thought of you. The subject is Atlantis, written by a hypnotist. It also turns out that Regina is in Dolores Cannon’s book two as Rita. I’m going to try to forward the link to you. I hope you still check email at this address. Much grace,Pat Melkus .

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