Second Discussion of Parallel Lives with Prilon, my High Self & God 12/5/11

December 5, 2011

Prilon & God


[Hello Prilon & God.] Hello Suzy, we are here today to give you further understanding on your parallel lives. [That’s great, I am ready!] Since our last message you have had several dream-time adventures with your parallel lives. [Yes, I remember some, others have faded away but I was conscious when it was happening and shortly after waking up.] Yes, and in those experiences you knew you were in both realities at once. [Yes, but I would typically call it dreaming or being awake.] That is fine & relatable to others.


Reality isn’t as thick a substance as one might think. It is very fluid and one reality will run along side another simultaneously. It’s like watching two different episodes of the same TV show at the same time, with two TV sets sitting side by side.


Getting your frequency tuned while being aware of the other parallel lives is where you are at now in your understanding. Be in your heart when you become aware of these dreams. This allows for you to experience the multi-dimensional beings surrounding you. These beings are always surrounding you and in your dream-time, your ego is quiet and your perception is more finely tuned.


Imagine your parallel selves as your other personalities (person-alities). Each is a part of your own soul and each is different in its own experience. The gift of having parallel lives is so the soul can imagine, create & manifest all it needs for it’s greater good.


For this life experience you have imagined seven parallel lives. You may imagine more and when all have completed their purpose, they will return to Source and patiently wait for the others to complete their mission.


You and Dennis M. wondered if each timeline ran from birth to death. [Yes, thank you for touching on this question.] In a parallel life it is always experienced as a conception to death experience. All experiences are in order of the greater good for that parallel life.


If today you created a new parallel life, that life would begin where you created it but would have a memory of it’s earlier experiences so that it’s fluidity would support the souls growth. [So what you are saying is if today, I needed to make a big decision of moving to London or staying in the US and I decided to stay in the US, I would create (or could create) another parallel life that moved to London. That ‘me’ now living in London would have a memory of a childhood, young adulthood, etc. to support it’s understanding of a full life there.???] Yes, but not as linear as that. [I thought you might say that!] 


In each parallel life you are source being individual expressions. You are still thinking too 3-D. Let go of time and imagine you are in a room with God watching seven TV’s; each showing a different version of this one life, that is better symbolism. [Ok, so there is one ‘main’ life and the other six stem from that experience?] In a way but really we see them as seven main lives. [Then it doesn’t matter where the others started stemming from because none stemmed from another, each complements the imagination of the rest???] That is correct. [Wow.] The understanding of quantum physics supports this. Rest and start imagining your multi-dimensional beings surrounding you. Your third eye is picking up their frequencies better these days. [Does this tie into the orbs in my backyard I have been photographing?] Yes but we’ll continue this discussion later. [Thank you very much Prilon & God. I have a lot to digest!] It is our pleasure to assist.

9 Comments on “Second Discussion of Parallel Lives with Prilon, my High Self & God 12/5/11

  1. Thank You Suzanne for this fascinating post and I am amazed at the timing of this discussion, at least for me. Last week I had this vivid dream that I still remember as it was very short. I was taking a shower and then I see blood shooting out of my mouth and had this draining feeling in my stomach. My reaction was “OMG” this couldn’t be happening and I suddenly woke up remembering the dream and also having that draining feeling. I was hard pressed to understand the meaning of this dream. I thought of the following two possibilities: 1) Warning for me to watch my Blood Pressure and keep it under control. 2) Option of taking an exit point at this time from worldly life. I am working on option 1 and I have said NO to option 2.

    But now after reading your post I realize there could be a third meaning to this in that I was perhaps watching life in a parallel timeline. I must admit I have no clue what this could mean if it indeed was a view of a parallel timeline of me. I am curious to know if you would have any take on this?

    Thank you for all that you do and much Love & Light.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful post. I feel like I am just at the beginning of understanding this. 🙂 That would be a good question to ask when I TAUK, if a dream can be ‘just’ a dream or is it always a parallel experience. I’ll try to remember to post if I get an answer to that! Good luck with everything! ❤

  2. I do so appreciate all the info you share. PLEASE forgive me for pointing something out? “It’s” means “it is.” An easy way to remember is to realize that the apostrophe replaces an actual letter.

    Whereas “its,” which is the possessive form of “it,” and has no apostrophe, does not have a letter to replace.

    Thank you.

  3. Suzanne,

    Thanks for these great posts on this topic. I have been fascinated with this subject ever since 2009 when I read Fred Alan Wolf’s book “The Yoga of Time Travel: How the Mind Can Defeat Time”. In it, he talks in detail about quantum theory, time travel, parallel universes and using the mind to focus attention on traversing those universes. In addition, he has a book titled: “Parallel Universes: The Search for Other Worlds ” which I have not read yet. Peace…I love your site.

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