12/2/11 TAUK Message & Explanation of Parallel Lives with My High Self, Prilon

December 2, 2011


[Hi Prilon.] Hi Suzy, you have been wondering about your parallel lives. [Yes, I would love to have a deeper understanding on this subject.] I am happy to assist.


All souls have multiple parallel lives. The reason is that your soul wishes to experience all possibilities and in its divine nature imagined a way to do this. Experiencing a parallel life allows the soul to know all aspects of a soul incarnation.


The easiest way to understand this is to start with the beginning of the life that you are experiencing now. You were the third daughter of Ron and Ruth. The experience you know of has occurred on this one timeline.   [Meaning this life as I know it?] Yes.


There were times when you would make a life altering decision to be with someone, live somewhere or pursue education, these are simply examples. Each time you made a decision to carry through with a certain path there was a part of your soul that wanted to experience the other path(s). Therefore your soul created another reality in another timeline to experience the other path(s). These are parallel timelines.


Most people experience deja vu. This is your current soul- experience recognizing a parallel life experience. This is why places/events/people feel familiar when you know you haven’t been there/experienced/met them in this life.


Each soul has the divine ability to create infinite timelines to allow for all possibilities. Let me repeat that. Each soul has the divine ability to create infinite timelines to allow for all possibilities.


Each soul usually will create a new time line when a tough decision needs to be made. Opening a portal to this new time line is done through your High Self. You wondered what would your life be like if you stayed with this person or with that person, what life would be like living here or there. The moment you connect this desire to your High Self, picturing another possibility, the creation of that timeline is established.


Since you are in a 3-D experience and obviously in duality, you have had only vague recollections of these other timelines. They may be felt as vivid dreams or great daydreams. The density of your reality requires an amnesia so that you can experience this timeline to the fullest. In other timelines you are in higher dimensions without amnesia. Your soul family has been waiting for you to reach this understanding in your present 3-D experience.


When you can consciously incorporate your parallel lives you have a very well rounded knowing. Take this in and when you are ready we will take a tour of your parallel lives. [Thank you, I am looking forward to that!]

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