URIEL. The Heartbeat Of The Universe. By, AuroRa Le. April 27, 2012.


URIEL. The Heartbeat Of The Universe. By, AuroRa Le. April 27, 2012.



   Savor the peaceful moments when you first awaken from your nightly travels.  I say travels because at this juncture, very little of your evening sojourn is allotted to what you would consider to be sleep.  Focus on those moments, my friends;  that time before your mind fills up with countless trivialities the many tasks you “must get done”.  Do not allow these things to crowd out the last of your serenity.  Relax a few moments more, forego that first cup of coffee and simply allow yourself to lie still and be.  Listen closely and what do you hear?  It’s there if you choose to hear it, that highly-pitched ringing in your ears. From some it’s constant to the point of becoming unnoticeable, is often loud. Then, for others it’s barely perceptible.  Nonetheless, you shall hear it – the heartbeat of the universe, the songs of the angels.

   Allow yourself to melt like butter into the sound.  Place all of your awareness on it.  Hear it, really hear it.  Pay attention and the tones shall form ideas, the ideas becoming words; words which convey messages of love and upliftment, activations and upgrades, or possibly details of the next phase of your assignment on Earth.  These sounds are your own personal transmissions from home.  As you comfortably revel in the stillness of the morning, allow these codes of ascension to take root within the energetic framework of your body.  Permit them time to grow and take shape.  These tones are your tones, specifically yours, cut from the very mold of your own higher soul self.  This hour of the day is the time of  your greatest awareness, when you are newly returned from home, and the connection is still fresh.  Occasionally  you may awaken to a quiet, loving voice speaking to you , only later to find that the words they spoke were true and of great importance,  or that they foretold an event yet to come.  For those who are highly visual, it is not uncommon to wake up to the smiling face of a beloved angel or guide.  Before long, you shall all be functioning in this state of heightened awareness, this being the norm.  Hearing us is soon to be as elementary as picking up a phone and calling a friend.  Although, come that time the heavy apparatus shall no longer be necessary.  Your telepathic skills shall be fully restored!  

   Be alert, always, because our messages may arrive at any time and on occasion these times are not always the most convenient.  Try as we might, it is often difficult for us to connect with and function according to your linear schedule.  Remember to keep a notebook and pen, or a small voice recorder handy whoever you go, so that you are able to preserve the messages and refer back to them at a later date.

   My friends, the Dark’s hold on the Earth is in it’s final death throes.  When the old paradigm falls, and I assure you most emphatically that it shall, your knowledge and razor-sharp expertise shall be needed.  Not only will you be called upon to lead your team members, but you must be ready to soothe and educate the disillusioned masses as well.  Therefore, when we speak to you, please listen as best you can.  Never forget that you are God’s Ambassadors of Love.

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