A Deeper Understanding of my Dream-time Travel ~ Visiting the House of Jesus ~ by Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

April 27th, 2012


[Hi God. I would like to have deeper understanding on my dream-time travel last night. I was with an acquaintance and we arrived at an 18th century home. We were very excited as we knew this was a very special place where great healing/understanding took place. At first she and I were the only ones there along with some ladies who worked there. I wanted to call them nuns, but not of the Catholic sense. My friend went into a room and the door shut behind her. I stayed out, waiting my turn. Other people started to arrive. I noticed an older lady who was placed in a chair and a white quilted blanket was placed around her. I went into a deep meditation and when the meditation was over, my friend emerged from ‘the room’ and it was my turn!! And then I woke up!! Argh!!! Can you please expand on that experience?]

Hi Suzy, I am happy to fill in the blanks for you. You and your friend were in the home of My son, Jesus. It was imagined as a simpler time and you and she were on a journey together. This ‘place’ was filled with My love and the room that you mentioned was for healing of the heart. She asked, on a sub-conscious level for healing and you volunteered to bring her. She was given great love and understanding of her life and she and Jesus found her heart energy and restored it.

You came for her and your appointment is soon. [Argh, again!] It is sooner than you think, lol. [I understand, it cracks me up when you ‘lol’ God.]

The lady with the quilt was your High Self. [Really? Wow!] She was there for an attunement and you went deep into meditation to join her. [OOOOHHH! Thank you for that, feels perfectly correct now.]

A teacher of great importance is coming soon. [To me or to humanity?] To humanity and to you. This teacher is given the knowledge of Earth’s ascension and will be in human form. Picture love and peace. [I feel like there is more to this but this will come later?] Yes. [Ok, thank you God and thank you for the healing of my friend and for this understanding of my dream-time experience.] My pleasure.

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