Love is an Inside Job ~ A God Message from Suzanne Spooner of TAUK


From Suzanne:   A client asked if I would TAUK through a birthday message for her son. He has generously allowed me to reprint his message here. I asked him if that would be ok as the message was so beautifully global about love, self love and relationship to others. I am sure all of us have experienced a heat break or frustration in a relationship before, oh to be human! I hope this assists others on their paths as well.

My Son,


I am here with you today, and everyday, Live today as if you have all you need. My universe is filled with every possibility and you have an open account, on the house! Love is a gift of infinite proportions. It is never limiting, only giving. How you choose to experience love is your choice My son. If you find yourself having the experience of limited love, then maybe look inside of yourself. If you think you will find the love that you miss in another, I have this to say to you:  Love is an inside job. Give your self permission to delight in your human experience. Give yourself permission to love yourself as I love you. In the day to day life of You, you forget your power to create. Men like you are on the planet to create beauty and joy. Picture all that you desire in your life. Give yourself permission to fulfill all that you desire and bring it to you. Imagine your vessel as a container for infinite possibilities, as you are! Invite the other vessels that vibrate with compatibility to join you. It is that easy! Find in your heart the belief that you are worthy of this love of self. In your true self this is known. I love you!


Happy Birthday to one great creation,



Copyright © Suzanne Spooner. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete.

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