Presentation on QHHT by Suzanne Spooner & Susan Thomas

This presentation was given recently to a group in Des Moines, Iowa. Susan and I had great fun explaining the process of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. The first clip is shorter, the second (about 20 min) shows more and includes questions from the audience answered by Susan’s High Self while she was in a hypnosis. Putting her under in a group was something new for us to try and after doing a previous session, in private, where I put Susan under to get support & advice from her High Self, we went for it. We share these clips to show how powerful all of us are when we can connect so clearly to the bigger part of ourselves to answer questions about our life and health. We feel it is such an honor to spread understanding about QHHT and Dolores Cannon’s great body of work! ~ Much Love, Suzanne

QHHT with Suzanne & Susan of Infinity Healer’s; short clip

QHHT by Suzanne Spooner & Susan Thomas of Infinity Healer’s; Long clip

Information on QHHT and how to book a session with Infinity Healer’s.


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