A Joy Fix + High Self Strength Training By Suzanne Spooner

Hello Everyone,

In my quest of sacred knowledge and in my moments of utter geek-ness with the human experience I have delved deeply into creating a deeper and richer connection with my High Self. If we are just making it through our days checking off the list of things that have to be done then we are limiting the experience of purposeful joy. Sure we may take time to meditate or take a walk or read a good book occasionally. But what about all the time in between those? 

For those who practice meditation, yoga or mindfulness you know the feelings of joy, bliss, or peace that comes with those experiences. Those are great!! But if we are only doing those periodically then we are probably having long stretches in between where we feel less energy as we check that list off of work, responsibilities, etc. It’s like looking for the beautiful mirage in the vast desert.

Here is my challenge to you. Find joy purposefully throughout your day. Try it now if you like. Wherever you are reading this, take a look around and find something to focus on or think about that fills you up. By only doing that, you raise your vibration. You know this because you feel better! Better yet, look someone in the eye and smile or say something nice. This joy-thing is contagious! The more you raise and keep your vibration higher, the more life will flow for you. Your lush, green mirage will become bigger than your desert.

The work that I do with hypnosis via QHHT allows me to have the most profound conversations with the part of us that knows EVERYTHING. I call this past of us the High Self. The High Selves I chat with in QHHT sessions will often talk about the great merging of the left and right side of the human brain. It says we are in the midst of the biggest leap in human consciousness. The merge is the ending of the great experiment of duality and separation.  One High Self told me that humanity is coming out of the illusion that they were ever separated. She said to have clear and easy connection to our High Self is normal! When I ask how can we get and keep that connection the number one answer is simply to listen! Apparently we as humans are not great listeners! I created this short clip about these two topics of purposefully finding joy and how to strengthen our connection to our astounding High Selves.

I hope you en JOY it! 🙂

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