A TAUK Message From Sugar The Divine Feline ~ By Suzanne Spooner

Hi Everyone,

Do our pets or animals in general have a lower level of consciousness than humans? In the work that I do with hypnosis I get to have a front row seat in understanding that everything holds consciousness and therefore has a unique story to tell. Our pets are no less special in their own soul journey. They are members of our families and absorb so much more than we often give them credit for. 

This past weekend our cat Sugar crossed over. She had nearly 22 years of a colorful life and just a brief illness before she passed. She was a tiny 6 pounds of large and in charge and was a sage.

Just as I was heading out of town to visit our son Charlie on the west coast Sugar seemed to lose ground. My sweet husband Kevin went into care mode for our little buddy. Our other son Austin who lives close by came by to cuddle with her. He had been just three years old when he and I went to the local rescue league to pick her out from a litter that had been abandoned. With our daughter Callie in Arizona we went into family text update mode about our little, ancient cat. I was en route home when she left the physical.

I felt ready to see if I could either tap into Sugar’s energy to see how she was doing in her transition or see if another could come through with some news. This is what I love about TAUK and my always growing understanding of connecting to energy or consciousness. All is possible. Sugar came through beautifully with deep insight into her feline life and interestingly about her connection to her family. I hope by sharing her message it opens a few hearts and minds about the amazing souls that journey with us as our pets.

February 6, 2018


[Hi Sweet Sugar.] Hi Mom. I want you to know that I am very good. I loved my cat life with all of you. To be in a cat body for 21 years taught me many things. I learned independence while needing assistance. I learned how to chose my adventures and how to relax. I voiced my opinions well and learned how to tune out that which did not serve me.

I loved my family deeply. I understood each relationship as unique and loved connecting to every member in a different way.

I loved my dog-mates very much. When I decided to begin exiting my body I gave Jack and Pippa (our labs) a heads up. They held the space with love. I called in Cloudy and Zoey’s (our pets who had passed before) energy to assist with my departure from the physical. They stayed with me as I went back and forth from one plane of existence to another. They were like my travel guides. I had been in a physical body a long time!

I left when I knew you were in the airport because I loved the idea of being in the etheric body while you flew above the earth. Kevin was the most kind to me in my last hours. He allowed me to depart with grace. Austin was my boy who claimed me originally. I needed the time with him near the end to say thank you. Callie is my role model for the human feminine. I studied her closely to emulate her divine feline. Charlie is my champion of expressing his truth.

I came into the form of a cat to learn independence. I left the form in gratitude and appreciation. Now I will rest a bit. I love being light again. I will be in touch.

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5 Comments on “A TAUK Message From Sugar The Divine Feline ~ By Suzanne Spooner

    • TY sooo much! I miss my sweet little kittyman Greymier every day years past his death! He was the best and kindest spiritual teacher I ever had~can’t wait to see him again one day on the rainbow Bridge~ ❤

  1. Wonderful message Suzanne

    It’s always a gift receiving such wonderful messages from our pets. The have so much wisdom within them and we can learn so much from them when we are ready to listen to them and feel the love for us.
    Have a wonderful time with whatever your doing. Wonderful joyous times are ahead of us and we can finally liberate ourselves from the clutter that’s holding us back to live our through potential.

    Much Love from Marc Gamma

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