6/12/2011 God Message to All

My dear loved one,

I let you know that you are the imagined expression of perfection. I know you rarely, if

ever, know this is true. Position yourself from my perspective and you can easily know

this is truth. Such understandings were once taught to the masses. Many imagined their

perfection as truth & some imagined truth such as this, threatening to their desire to

control. An ultimatum was given to the masses to shed their memory of perfection or

risk death. Soon the teachings of divine connection were understood by few. This was in

agreement with the collective consciousness of the time. Your gift of free will is not a gift

that is given lightly. Imagine as a master of high knowledge, as you are, and you see the

perfect syncronicity of this experience of duality.

In the present experience of the collective consciousness of planet Earth, there is a shift

back to the understanding or remembering of the divine found in every atom. This is the

awakening to mass release to fear & duality. Releasing of the ego-based fear is all that

one needs to ascend to higher frequencies. This is done through meditation & love. In

the love of your heart is where truth resides. In this state of being, fear cannot reside.

Imagine your connection to love & you are Me experiencing you, experiencing Me.

Not at all disconnected.

Live Love My dear soul.

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