Your Entire World Will Be Transformed and You Along With It ~ Channeled By Ron Head 2/20/12

To our readers~ I am honored to share a message with you channeled by Ron Head. Ron is a fairly recent student of TAUK, The Art of Universal Knowing. He has become quite proficient in a short period of time and his messages are very informative with possibilities. Ron is working on starting his own blog but for now we are happy to host him here. Live Love, Suzanne



To Creator and Michael: Is this transcribed correctly as given? Yes.
To Michael: Is it your desire that this be posted to the internet at this time? Yes.
So here we go, folks. I confess this is daunting.

2/20/12 A.M.
Your mental capacities are being upgraded now. You will soon notice a marked increase in your ability to understand complex subjects and ideas. We may as well begin with one of the most difficult ones now. Your understanding of time and space is primitive. We will cover this in some detail now and return to it another time.
First you must understand in highest truth there is no time nor space. These exist in order to allow for certain experiences to manifest for creator gods. Now let us be very clear, those creator gods include every sentient being in the universes. Name anything that exists and we assure you that it is an evolving part of All-That-Is. That means it is a creator in training. Many cultures have understood this, but they have been ruthlessly suppressed. Now it is time to spread this understanding across your world. Many of your indigenous peoples understand the universe far better than your scientists.
Let us begin with time. Time is actually a function of space in this universe. Changing the space a thing occupies changes the time and vice versa. That is the reason for the radical changes occurring on your world at this time.

She is moving into another dimension of space. Nothing can prevent this happening as it is happening by divine decree. As she moves nearer and nearer to this new location in space, your timelines will converge into a single one. That is the true meaning of zero point. From that point on there will exist infinite possibilities once again, but all third dimensional negativity will be left behind. That point is rapidly approaching as we speak. When you reach that point, your entire world will be completely transformed and you along with it.

No one will escape this unless they leave the planet. Therefor you will see many choose to leave at this time. Not all of these will be negative people. Some may simply choose to end all earthly experiences. Others may wish to hurry back to experience the new earth. All of those choices will be honored. Other places and times exist where all may find the experiences that they have chosen for their own growth. Those choices must be honored. All are sons and daughters of the Creator and have free will as their birthright.
Now let us look at real time. Continental movement is occurring now. Land masses are making room for two new continents. Both have existed before and evidence will be found to prove this. This phenomenon is necessary in order to provide for the living of many new inhabitants on the surface of the planet.

When these new lands appear, we will help terraform them. They will provide the resources needed to bring earth back to her former beauty. Many will see for themselves the proof of the existence of Atlantis and Lemuria. The histories you have been taught are woefully inadequate. All of that will change now. These histories contain many major lessons mankind has learned and should not be hidden any longer. We will show you where to find the hidden records of those lands.

Never before have you seen such massive change, but do not panic. We will protect you in every way possible. We are quite capable of doing this. There will be no major calamities. There will be no end of the world as you have been told will occur. We have come from very far away in space and time to prevent any such occurrence.
This is enough for this week. We will continue on the Monday.


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4 Comments on “Your Entire World Will Be Transformed and You Along With It ~ Channeled By Ron Head 2/20/12

  1. At last, we arrive and will know and understand our journies… Happy to be alive to witness these events. Thank-You Creator.

  2. This sounds so exciting…….this is a website that I found that i’ve been reading and I feel it will be very informative…

  3. It’s time for change. For mankind, for the earth.
    I will embrace it when it commences. In our hearts we all want a peacefull world.
    God bless everybody

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