On Romance and Homesickness ~ Channeled by Ann Anderson & Her Personal Guide, Angelo 2/17/12

A TAUK with my personal guide, Angelo:

[Why do certain shows like “Downton Abbey” get under my skin, especially the romantic scenes? I have a crazy crush on the actor Dan Stevens who plays Matthew Crawley.]

You and many other women, my dear one. You are a romantic at heart even though you don’t see yourself that way. You are a lover of love! You don’t see much of that kind of thing in daily life. No one does. That’s why love stories are popular in every age in every country and realm. 

But the kind of love you long for does exist here in the higher dimensions and that is what you seek. The feeling of connection and bliss that is your home emotion, your home plate, your home base, your true center of existence. Love, love and love.

When you see a scene that evokes that the real feeling is homesickness. The feeling you seek has nothing to do with sex or flirtation. It’s the feeling of true, pure unconditional love that is brought up by the dramatization of a love scene. Does that explain it?


We are here in the higher dimensions, in the inner planes, watching how cold and hard your 3D existence is, and at times our hearts ache for you all. When you dream a dream of love and affection, that is the actuality of your true selves. Love in all its imagined intensity, in all its dramatized versions throughout human culture is the reality of your true existence, of your true home. It’s wonder you all keep going, considering you exist on a starvation diet. Be well, my dear. You are blessed and loved even if you can’t always feel it.

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