A QHHT Session with My High Self (SC) and The Council of Twelve; Given During a Dolores Cannon QHHT Class October 29, 2012

Hello to you, the beautiful and bright soul that has found your way to this post. This past weekend I was back in Arkansas doing an advanced class with Dolores Cannon and her amazing daughter, Julia. I joined many members of my Level One class from July, 2012 and met many new friends. Part of this intensive was spending a practice time being regressed, being the hypnotist and being an observer. We were using Dolore’s “Bag of Tricks” to deepen the experience. This was my second time to be the ‘client’. 

We, as a group, were also gathered during the Hurricane Sandy as well as physically gathering over a newly found enormous crystal bank below the ground. Several class members  were trying to leave early to return to their family on the east coast. But one by one, they were ‘detained’ with us in AR as their flights were cancelled and phone calls to the airlines went unanswered. Coincidence? I think not! 🙂 

I, myself, have just read this transcript of MY session! I thought I stayed awake and aware through out but that is clearly not the case! There was way more material here than I ‘remembered’! We were divided into groups of three and this session was kindly transcribed by my hypnotist, Sherri ‘Shakti’ Mack. Kaela Green Carter was our observer. Each of our sessions was awesome and I will share those soon. I hope this post opens your heart to the bigger “YOU” each of us are. 

Live Love,

Suzanne 🙂

In the beginning, we have Sherri inducting Suzanne.

S:  I’m on land.  The ground is green, but I’m not sure it’s Earth.  Oh.  No, the skies are purple.

SH:  What do you see, what does the landscape look like?

S:  Crystal.

SH:  What color are the crystals?

S:  They’re pink, and clear.  It’s a crystal city.

SH:  Do you feel like you’ve been here before, like coming home?  (Suzanne: mmm hmmm)  Are there any Beings there to greet you?  (Some.   In the distance.)  You want to go meet them?

(pause)  S:  We’re in the meeting room now.

SH:  How many are there with you?

S:  It’s infinite.

SH:  Is this a gathering…an important meeting?

S:  Yes, it’s a putting together of the minds.  Planning sessions. A lot of joy, but a lot seriousness about what is to unfold.

SH:  What is the topic of discussion today?

S:  The Earth.

SH:  Why is the Earth important to this crystal planet?

S:  It’s important to all of the Cosmos.

SH:  So this place is a good place for Beings to come together?

S:  Yes, we’re like a club, but it’s verrrrry inter-dimensional.  We take form if we like.  We are a council.  We know each other.

SH:  So what is the plan being talked about today?

S:  Ah. About the fragments that are on Earth, expressed as individuals.  There’s SUCH important work going on down there.  It’s just like a calamity of errors kind of… you know there’s so much good…it’s like we’re guiding and shifting the consciousness.  We’re taking a temperature of the collective consciousness.  Seeing where the light’s shining brightly, and all the players allowing for the raising and emerging of this wondrous time.

SH:  What are the results of what you have gathered?

S:  It’s ready.

SH:  You see a lot of light there?

S:  Yes, but it’s like putting back together a shattered bowl of crystal.  And so we’re working and we’re picking up pieces.   We can’t really pick it up, but we can hold the energy for it.  Because there’s free will.  And that’s a gift.  But it’s a muddy gift.  And there’s many on the Earth that have moved forward, beyond needing our assistance now.

SH:  That must feel pretty good to you, all.

S:  There’s some slapping on the backs… but it’s not us.  It’s you.  We’ve all volunteered to be on the Earth right now, as a fragment of us.

SH:  When you see the Earth from where you are, how are you observing the Earth?

S:  It’s in our hearts.

SH:  So as a collective group there in the council you can make the determinations, the assessments, from that vantage point?

S:  Well, we seem to all have our specialties of what we’re dealing with.  I’m dealing with the beauty.  I can’t deal with the violence.  It’s not in my vibration.  And so I have great admiration for those who deal with that.  I get the “fluffy” job, it seems.

SH:  (laugh)  But you have the perfect job for you.  (yes)  So you work on enhancing the beauty to help raise the vibration?

S:  No, I support the vibration.  (Sherri:  That holds the beauty?)  The beauty, the joy.  Because it’s hard to lower your density and being a Being on that planet at this time.  It’s so EASY to give up, and be in despair, and put your blinders on and think there’s nothing better and bigger than you.  So I spread the beauty and the joy, and every once in a while when you are in great depths of despair, and feeling so disconnected, you can take a look at the vistas, and the flowers, and the animals…. There’s a spark of me in that, and I’m reaching out to your heart to say “HOLD ON, it’s coming!!!  (whispering, with much emphasis, and emotion.)  There’s so much sadness….  Don’t give up!

SH:  It’s a time of great awakening on the planet, where more and more people are opening to the beauty and the love… that must be of great encouragement for you… (oh yes…)  Despite the darkness and the fear that still remains.

S:  There’s members of the Council here to deal with that.

SH:  Do you ever go to the Earth in the physical to check on things?

S:  I am Suzanne.  (Henceforth called the SC)     

SH:  So you’ve incarnated in to this body of Suzanne to do this job…(mm hm)  How does Suzanne go about–…. Is that why she’s been here-and-there, and all over the planet, traveling…?

SC:  (giggle)  She… um… we’ve put the love of travel, and the imagination that she can get there.  She’s a depositor of energy, her vessel.  Her eyes see deeper than what she even thinks she’s aware of.

(Went through family stuff here)

SH:  Suzanne was wanting to know about the tingling she’s been feeling in her scalp…

SC:  Well, she wants to be more aware…so we are doing some …it’s like we’re…there’s a giant DNA cord from her crown chakra up to us.  It’s like a multi-layered elevator, and when she feels that tingling, we’re doing some work and repair on the physical vessel.  She said it feels like a little child running their fingers through her hair.

SH:  She can enjoy that experience now that she knows what’s going on, can’t she?

SC:  She’s not always happy to be in the physical body.  She jokes about it, but she came very willingly and of great purpose, but every once in awhile she just wants to go home.  But she is becoming aware that she IS home, almost all of the time.  She’s much more aware than she used to be.

SH:  So while she can be incarnated on this planet, she’s also a part of her—

SC:  She FLIES.  She’s up here with us.  And I say “up here”, it’s not UP,,,it’s here.  But it’s without physical.

SH:  And you’re always with her, aren’t you?

SC:  We ARE her.

SH:  She was wanting more of her third eye opened…

SC:  It opened.  It’s done.

SH:  Beautiful!  She will appreciate that very much.  How about the migraine headaches…what’s that all about?

SC:  It’s too much energy.  So it’s the balance, and that’s what the cord’s all about, the strand.  We’ll try to balance that out, because she’s ready to be overtly aware.

SH:  But you never give her more than she can handle physically, do you?

SC:  Uh, NO…She TAKES it…more than she can handle…

SH:  How can she make the adjustments in her own body, to accept that energy that she desires?

(Suzanne made a BIG adjustment with her shoulders & arms here)

SC:  She just let go of the control.

SH:  And that was what was needed?  (Yes.)  So she doesn’t have to worry about that anymore.

SC:  Gone.

(I asked for a body scan)

SC:  It is all balanced.

SH:  Nothing that needs attention?

SC:  Not anymore!  🙂

SH:  There’s someone in the room with us here.   Kaela.  …is there any way we can take a look at her body as well, her headaches?

SC:  (chuckle)  It’s control.

SH:  Ahhh, control, control, control.  I think Kaela has made strides this weekend on learning to let go of that control… 

SC:  Yes.  It’s the fragmentation of the experience of being in 3D, that need for control.  And Kaela is emerging into her true self, it’s like your “Mr. Stupid”, it stays and wants to pull back, and that’s where people experience this… through the head and shoulders.  Because the head wants to rule, as it has in the 3rd Dimensional experience, and this is the awakening of the heart. So, Kaela dear, when you feel that sensation come on—and we’re not even going to claim it as a discomfort, we’re going to call it a simple sensation—when that occurs to you, you concentrate not on it, but on your heart, and opening and expanding of your heart, and it’ll be like the annoying little kid that says, “Look at me!  Look at me!” And you turn your back and it just goes away because you’re not giving it what it needs to grow and persist.

SH:  Don’t feed it, just focus on the heart?  (Yes.)  Even at the first sensations of it… give all the attention to the heart and none to the head…?

SC:  No, none to the head.  You are a heart-based entity.  All awakened souls are.  And that is where the energy needs to come.  The head is there, it’s physical, it’s part of you, but you use that for other functions that are beneficial, not for storing sensations that are not welcome.

(We got to talking about Suzanne’s mother, and the conversation lead to the 3 waves of volunteers…)

SC:  Let me tell you about this fragmentation that’s here on the planet right now.  I’m going to speak to you as this Council, this group.  (takes a deep breath & long pause.  Voice changes.  Henceforth, The Council of the 12, or C12)

C12:  We would like to share with this group gathered here, this immensely powerful, beautiful group, that as you’re a representation of a fragmentation of what you would term “Source energy”… as you know, there are no coincidences to the gathering of this family—

SH:  Yes, I feel like I recognize so many of them, & know I’ve never meant them in my life!

C12:  You’ve met them.  You’ve all agreed to be here, and we are SO heartfelt in our gratitude to each & every one who is here.  We see the light around Dolores & her journey; her great grace.  And Julia who is stepping into her power & her purpose for being Dolores’  (pause, searching…)  DNA.  But we would like to tell you with great love & appreciation for the work that you are both learning here, because the work is important work.  And however it is that you use it to fulfill your purpose…if it is a main player in your deck of cards; or if it is a knowledge that you came to seek, you are fulfilling your role.  Eloquently and perfectly.

But the greater cause, the greater reason, for the gathering of THIS council…this council of practitioners & teachers is:  you are amplifying the energy that is below you in the crystals… & if you could see the power that is coming from this group & is now activated within every single person in the room, you would be amazed.  It is beyond comprehension.  The purpose that you came together for; & what you send out; & yes, Kaela, & others…there was a reason why you were detained.  (Kaela & Suzanne & I all laugh here.)  I think there is—for those who were fretting—there is an acceptance now.  And it’s ok.  That storm has many, many layers of reasoning behind it.  Some of it manmade…& that’s ok.  Everything is playing out the way that it’s supposed to.

You are gathered here because you’re supposed to be here.  Every single person that is here is here because they are meant to be here.  And every single soul that is affected by this storm in the Atlantic are doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing.  Much, much more than what the fear the news parlays.  So all you need to do is not control it, & not send it out to sea.  All that would be TRULY beneficial is to send love to it, in the highest order, to do exactly what it needs to be to serve its greater good.  There is no fear behind it, and even the dark forces that have manipulated it…they’ve fulfilled their roles as well.  Don’t be drawn into the intensity of the storm, outside of your vessel, or within.

We’re giving you VERY significant demonstrations of the work that’s being done on the planet right now.  And within you, because you are the Cosmos.  It is an opening, a metamorphosis…we give you the butterfly a lot…caterpillar to butterfly… but you are in the metamorphosis of shedding the murky 3 dimensional experience.  And those of you that are awake are going,  “Strip me of it fast!  I am ready!”  And we of the Council, we HEAR  YOU EVERY TIME.  Please never think that you are without us.  We are rooting for you, and we are supporting you.  You need to firmly anchor your calm into the planet, and out amongst the souls that walk the Earth; and know you don’t need to have the job of awakening anyone.  You be YOU, in your magnificence, and in your calm.  You will be like the magnet that draws the others.  And if you draw ONE, or if you draw hundreds of thousands, you are doing exactly what you need to be doing.

SH:  So we’re not here to save anyone… 

C12:  NOOO!!  (laughing heartily.)  You don’t need to save YOURSELVES!  You’re PERFECT!  You know it’s the shedding of that mindset.

SH:  Just BE.  Just ALLOW… allow the light to shine…  (YES.)  And as we are thinking about that saying, “As within, so without”… & you’re saying to not give in to the tumultuousness of the storm, we also need to do the same within ourselves?

C12:  You can give it attention.  But you give it in the form of LOVE.  And joy.  And beauty.  And acceptance.  And I want to perhaps suggest that each member of the group that is gathered, essentially under the pyramid of light (in your atrium)  (BIG smile here), to please make a bit of an effort from this point forward to look people into their eyes, and connect.  Because what happens is, you, as a group of activators, activate.  And it is through the eyes that the soul is most easily reached.  And if you can linger an extra second… a minute… connecting with another human, or others, a group.  And by truly connecting to souls through their visual ports, you will transmute that activation.  It’s easy.  It’s so easy.

SH:  So this is the Council that Suzanne has asked to work with?  (She does.)  Is there a name for this group, that she can use…?

C12:  It’s the Council of Twelve.

SH:  When you were speaking earlier about Dolores…I couldn’t help but wonder about her daughter…

C12:  OH, Julia… (said with soooo much love, almost a whisper…)  🙂 🙂 🙂 There’s many lights within that family.  Julia is obviously a treasured extension of Dolores.  And what we see is a light that shines so incredibly bright, and her ability to anchor, yet to open & pursue her path of greatness and power, is really awakening.  And where she asked for and received one of the Earth’s great teachers of these times, she is in & of herself a great teacher of these times.  And we would like to tell Miss Dolores:

(whispered, emphatic, with much emotion)  JOB WELL DONE.   !!!  On so many levels.  Job. Well done.

SH:  Julia can carry the torch for her mother?

C12:  Most certainly.  But she also has her own torch to carry.  But yes, there’s a great responsibility to carry on the work of her mother.  And her father.  But they are surrounding themselves with the people who have true unconditional care for this body of work.  It is all aligned.  And they also benefit from the energy of this group.  And the group coming in.  And the group after that…& the group after that…   That is why they mingle well.  They do not place themselves on a pedestal.  That is a sign of a good teacher.

SH:  You have the floor, so to speak, and the attention of the Group.  Is there anything else you would like to share with us?  As a collective, as a group here gathered at this place…

C12:  We see you as great light.  As the re-emergence of the fragmentation that was necessary for this experiment.  You are the glue of the shattered crystal.  Be aware as you separate that you’re not really separated.  But it is your responsibility to go out & be the calm…& be the reality that others are needing to assist them in their transformation.  You are not HELPERS, you are ASSISTERS.

HELPING is doing what others cannot do for themselves.  ASSISTING is supporting those in what they need to do.  You are only assisters, and therefore you don’t take on the responsibility of “saving the world”.

Be at peace.

There will be more to come about the New Earth & the shift, from this session, & from my own session in Arkansas!!!

  Stay tuned……  🙂 🙂 🙂


Sherri, Suzanne, & Kaela

Copyright © Suzanne Spooner. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete.

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Dolores Cannon’s website: http://www.dolorescannon.com/ Dolores developed the process of QHHT.

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  1. Amazing and inspiring Suzy ~ feeling so connected to this ~Thank you for sharing!
    Love Light Peace and Joy 🙂

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