We Are Always With You ~ Ann Anderson and The Council of Twelve ~ 2/15/12

This is the Council of Twelve. We are your friends in life, in space, in death, in sleep. We are always with you in every dimension and aspect of your existence. Our love permeates the wall between worlds and levels of consciousness. We reach across the divide to greet all who are reaching up and looking for answers. 

This momentous time in Earth’s history is an exciting adventure. It’s the best thing going in this or any other galaxy. Everyone is watching, clamoring for a view, wanting to know what’s next? How will humanity deal with this or that problem? What will the collective mind come up with? How will the opposing views be reconciled and who will lead the way?

Each one of you is an important player in this global drama and everyone’s effort makes a difference. When you meditate, sing, dance, write, draw, take care of others, or simply go about your business in a conscious and loving way, you lift the world with your light. You illuminate your own mind with the desire to know and grow.

Live each day as if it’s your last. Appreciate all of your troubles. They’re the fire that transmutes your consciousness, the kiln that fires your clay. Daily life is often repetitive and boring. Sometimes it’s scary and vexing. Sometimes you despair. We know. We see. We feel your struggles. Don’t give up. Be of good cheer. The world is spinning itself into a new paradigm. Steady on. All is well. The Council.

2 Comments on “We Are Always With You ~ Ann Anderson and The Council of Twelve ~ 2/15/12

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  2. Really resonated with this message and I thank you Ann. At this present moment in my life I feel confused. Daily life had risen to joyful enthusiasm during a mini trip to visit dear relatives. Suddenly I was thrust into chaos and a surreal situation that I still have no answers for and yet I, being involved, am responsible. The universe threw me a curve and I do not know why. I remained calm and am able to comprehend and yet I am not sure of the whys and hows. Perhaps the world as it spins itself into a new paradigm is affecting me, along with others as to dealing with what we are being served. All is well. I am well. Claudette ^jj^

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