The Blueprint for Humanity ~ How Does the Story End? By Suzanne Spooner


Hi Everyone,

I’m just getting back from a lovely holiday and was sitting to TAUK through a message. As I pulled up Pages on my laptop this quote was waiting for me. Before my holiday I had just started to transcribe my own recent QHHT session. Unfortunately the recording is now lost, just leaving this one delicious tidbit. If I recall after the past life I viewed I was on the spirit side having a session with my council. They were looking at a book called, “The Blueprint for Humanity”.

Perhaps we can make this a group project and each add a paragraph or a few sentences and watch a new story unfold? If so, I’d be happy to blend each persons part and re-post the new story coming from this quote. It will be the work of our own Council of Humanity! Much Love, Suz

The Blueprint for Humanity

“There is a large council that came together. The project is earth. There is a description of the elevation of consciousness and the perception of humans to explore the great shift while being in body and releasing their preconceived understandings of what it is to be a being in human form. It’s a blue print. Not everyone knows of the blueprint, they are all part of the architecture.” ~ Suzanne Spooner in her personal QHHT session

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6 Comments on “The Blueprint for Humanity ~ How Does the Story End? By Suzanne Spooner

  1. Within our pattern is all we need to progress and contribute. Some take a conscious role and there’s an unconscious one. It’s all an incredible marvel.

  2. Yes, Suzanne!

    I have been managing large infrastructure projects in the past 38 years as a professional Project Manager. I am now 66 but instead of retiring, my Multidimensional Self nudged me to take up my real multi life-span project, by “walking my talk”. I felt as if the whole heaven are conspiring to push me to start ‘walking’ instead of just writing or blogging.

    So, yesterday I just created my first ‘meet-up’ group where I can meet people face to face.
    The group/project called “Creating Heaven on Earth” accessible on and our first topic of discussion would be “Revealing the Prehistoric Secret Doctrine” where I intend share a simple way to awaken ourselves.

    However, my biggest challenge is people’s preconceived understanding of what it is to be a being in human form, exactly as your message said.

  3. ‘Simultaneously on other frequency levels, sparks of the human’s higherself play out important work directly relating to the Earth School experience, while other parts exist in other experiences and lives within the known Universe. An important understanding for the humans is to realise that their race is but one focus, and one experience, of a multitude of possible experiences.’

    Susanne, I will post a short thread on the FB group for my site transients, and let people know of your post here. I’m sure a few will be interested and join in! =)

  4. With the guidance of their higher selfs, each soul navigates through his or her individual destiny, in the process experiencing, learning and clearing negative karma, to converge with other destinies and return to oneness. Similarly, Humanity’s many trials are part of its destiny to return to the creator.

  5. My response to the Blueprint for Humanity concept above is first to be grateful that now is the time for such a council to come together and joy that I may contribute in some way through my experiences and awareness. What a relief it is to feel the possibilities for change and to know this is to be a Team effort based on the foundation of Love, Peace and Respect for all life. I Trust the process is efficient and effective with ease and Grace. At this point all I know is that my part is to act as a Receiver of these changing frequencies, and that my role is to walk in my Truth as much as possible. I am aware that we are all in a process of Loving Self to integrate a higher awareness for our Highest Good and for the Highest Good of All.

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