TAUK Messages


To my readers; I have been quiet on my blog for a few weeks while I visit my son who is studying in Italy. Tonight in some quiet time, I sat to receive this message from Archangel Michael. As I walk around the ancient city of Rome, I can feel the vibrations of all of the era’s and the beauty and the dogma of religion. This message was a wonderful reminder of… Read More

As you change yourselves, you change everything. – Michael channeled by Ron Head      Press here for   Spanish   or Portuguese.   Our message for this morning is on the subject of love.  Unconditional love is the essence of the force which powers the universe.  It takes a multitude of forms, yet underlies all life.  It manifests as sound, light, and energies of all types.  If you hear it, its purest essence is love.  If you… Read More

This, my dearest friends, is the secret. – Michael channeled by Ron Head       Press here for   Spanish   or   Portuguese   Our message today is for you to maintain your center during the coming three weeks.  Very powerful alignments and energy waves are going to occur and change you more rapidly than anything you have experienced thus far.

The Initiative of Unified Consciousness – A Message From Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran The Initiative of Unified Consciousness – A Message From Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran (as received by Ariel DeAngelis on April 23, 2012) What exactly do we mean when we speak of the Initiative of Unity Consciousness? It is simply the concept that you – the Human Collective of Earth/Gaia – have now reached a stage where your awareness is such that… Read More

April 20, 2012 [Hi God.] Hi Suzy, today I would like to talk about the changing frequencies of planet Earth. [Excellent, I am ready.] The frequency of Earth has upgraded since we last TAUKed. This allows for several frequencies to be present at once. There is a frequency for those who are awakened, one for those consciously asleep and one for those who are here as one-time guests on the planet to… Read More

What is about to bloom will soon have you rejoicing. – Michael channeled by Ron Head irituality | by Oracles and Healers     Press here for   Spanish   or   Portuguese   We will speak now about channeled messages such as this one.  There are many methods of receiving channeled messages.  All of these are less than perfect, this is a given.  It serves in this time two purposes.  First, it is a way to convey information to you… Read More

My dear friends, we must talk now about something we take quite seriously, ascension.  At this time you are feeling changes happening to your bodies, your lives, and your emotions, which should confirm for you that you are indeed on that path. These will continue and accelerate.  A great many changes have been promised to you, and we assure you again now that they are all coming.  Not everyone will experience the… Read More

Message from Archangel Michael and Yeshua ~ 2.28.12 ~ Be Reborn ~   Channeler: Fran Zepeda     Greetings beloveds, we come before you today to speak of Love. We are your comrades in this beautiful undertaking to which you have become so committed since time without beginning. The quality of Love is transforming. You have probably noticed it, dear ones. It has taken on an essence you have not seen for many… Read More

Message from Archangel Michael ~ 1.31.12 ~ THE TIME TO UNITE IS NOW ~ January 31, 2012   Channeler: Fran Zepeda   (Hello Archangel Michael) Hello, dear one, I understand you would like to know, on behalf of many, about the veracity of the channeling last night with Grener and Steve Beckow. (Yes, please give us information about that).

  Message from Archangel Michael ~ 1.12.12 ~ CREATE! As channeled through Fran Zepeda All who are of the Light are preparing for the momentous event of Ascension of Mother Earth. She is on her way at this very moment. All who are ready will make this shift with her. Many have already made the shift, as you know. You are lifting yourselves daily as you allow the light to infiltrate and… Read More