God~Your Frequency is Shifting ~ A Message Channeled by Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

April 20, 2012

[Hi God.] Hi Suzy, today I would like to talk about the changing frequencies of planet Earth. [Excellent, I am ready.] The frequency of Earth has upgraded since we last TAUKed. This allows for several frequencies to be present at once. There is a frequency for those who are awakened, one for those consciously asleep and one for those who are here as one-time guests on the planet to assist with the shift. Other frequencies are present but these are the predominate frequencies now. 

The frequency that best suits an individual’s energy will locate in the heart and calibrate the body so that the body and High Self can be better in alignment. This attunement is necessary for ascension and all souls & life forms on Earth are effected. The gift of this attunement is for the body, so that it can upgrade easier. Opening portals for this gift is the work of Archangels Michael & Raphael.

In the coming days, a person may notice a feeling of surrealness or unexplained phenomena. This is best experienced with detachment. This will be the focus of our next chat as well.

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