We look at your planet now and we see the world of peace that you have created. – Michael channeled by Ron Head

We look at your planet now and we see the world of peace that you have created. – Michael channeled by Ron Head


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Good morning, dear friends.  We shall speak a bit more on the subject of your ascension.  We shall touch on what you may expect to see this year and what may take longer to completely manifest.

First let us tell you that there will indeed be a December twenty-second.  And for those who may still care about those things, you will still have many more January firsts.  By December twenty-first, much will have changed and much more will have begun to change.  You have had many forecasts of monumental changes that you expect to happen upon that day.  If you continue to expect them in that manner, you will indeed manifest them more quickly.  But what will happen to your expectations if you awake on the twenty-second of the month and you find you are the same person you were on the twenty-first?

What we are hoping to do here is help you to understand the difference in your perceptions and what we see from the perspective of our dimension.  We look at your planet now and we see the world of peace and freedom that you have created.  We see the world of abundance as you have created it.  You look at the same planet, at the same time, and you see a snapshot, as it were, that has not yet reached its potential.  We are looking at the same thing and seeing something different.  All of the promises we have made to you were and are true potentials which you are indeed creating.  Many of them are so near to manifesting for you that they are now unavoidable.  However, as long as you experience third dimensional time and space, you will experience them as happening in sequential moments.  Even when you first begin to experience from the perspective of oneness, you may slip back and forth into and out of that way of experiencing.  You may even do it out of choice at times.

Now, you may begin, even today, to experience these things as completed, just as we see them.  There is a phrase we wish you had never given so much import to.  That is, “It is only your imagination.”  Please leave out the word “only”.  Think of your imagination as the language used by your other dimensional selves to communicate with you.  And also as the language you use to communicate back with them and with us.  It is not something to belittle.  It is a wonderful gift.  Many forms of life on your world have intelligence.  Far fewer have imagination.  We wish you to see it for the marvelous tool it is.  It can be a doorway to infinite other times, places, and dimensions.

When you have imagined, and when you continue to imagine, the world you wish to live in, you are creating it as surely as if you were building it with your tools and equipment.  Each time one of you dreams or meditates upon it, you add another little bit to it.  And you have set in motion changes which are now happening, even from your point of view, at breakneck speed.

What will happen by December twenty-first?  What will happen on or before that day is that vast numbers of you will have seen so many changes in yourselves and in your surroundings that the course of your future will no longer be in doubt to you.  Some of you have indeed already reached that point.  For others it could happen tomorrow or next week.

We tell you daily what you have created.  We tell you often how marvelous your new lives will be.  We urge you to live in them as much as you can.  Every moment you do that hastens the outcome and changes future moments.  Every moment you do that avoids bumps and bruises or evens out the path you are on.

And it is also becoming apparent to many of you that the more of our communications you read, the more you are becoming in touch with us yourselves.  In this we rejoice with you.

The many forecasts you have received regarding changes in your societies have taken longer to manifest in your time than you would have liked.  There have been delays.  There have been changes.  They are, nevertheless, just as valid today as they were when we first told you of them.  You know what needs to happen.  But safety and peaceful change is paramount in our consideration.  We do not wish to sacrifice a single life, nor cause suffering that is avoidable.  But those changes will happen.  And the resulting freedoms you will experience will allow you to quickly reach a quality of life you have only imagined, and then to exceed even that.

You have received much help in getting to this point, my friends.  Much more will be given.  Please continue to imagine, expect, anticipate, and revel in the changes you are making.  Please continue to ignore the forecasts of doom and the constant attempts to throw you into states of fear.  The end of your world is not around the corner.  The end of your world of suffering is.

We surround you with peace and love, dear friends.  Good day.

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