As you change yourselves, you change everything. – Michael channeled by Ron Head

As you change yourselves, you change everything. – Michael channeled by Ron Head


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Our message for this morning is on the subject of love.  Unconditional love is the essence of the force which powers the universe.  It takes a multitude of forms, yet underlies all life.  It manifests as sound, light, and energies of all types.  If you hear it, its purest essence is love.  If you see it, its purest essence is love.  All is alive.  All is conscious.  All is love.

Every one of your indigenous peoples know this.  The oldest philosophies in your world know this.  Yet when some of you, in what you imagine to be your advanced or civilized societies, begin to experience the knowing of these things, they are marginalized by ridicule or worse.  Energy in its natural state is love.  If it moves a galaxy, it is love.  If it moves a songbird, it is love.  If it moves an electron, it is love.  If it splits an atom and causes untold destruction for thousands upon thousands, it is love corrupted, subverted, misused.  By whom is it misused, my friends, by Creator, or by those created with free will?

There have been some extreme distortions experienced by humankind in the last centuries, but these have brought you to this moment of awakening.  Perhaps you can see more easily why it can be said, “All is perfection.”  You see, in the eternal perspective, love cannot fail to be love.  You, being the beloved children of your Creator, could not fail to return to your true selves.  It is, and always has been, only a question of when.

There are yet some who have made, or will make, the decision to continue to experience yet more of this lower frequency of awareness.  There are yet ways and places for them to have that decision honored.  But your earth and its creatures are about to leave this third dimension and move rapidly through and into states of higher awareness.  For clarity, please think of that as more awareness.  We want to leave words which induce judgments behind.

Each of you is beginning to expand in your awareness and words such as you are reading are easily understood by you today.  Not so long ago, that was not the case, nor would you have been reading them.  Some now begin each morning searching for more of these messages.  You are drawing to yourselves many more sources and many more channels.  You are changing yourselves and changing your world, just as we have been telling you would happen.

Understand that as you change yourselves, you change everything, your environment responds, your world responds, your solar system responds, your galaxy and your universe respond.  As your scientists have begun to tell you, everything is dependent on everything else.  Yes, even they are starting to catch up.  Here is a bumper sticker for you.  Science is the new Buddhism.

We have seemingly gone astray of our subject, but there is really no way to leave the subject of love.  Seek within yourselves those things which will show your true nature.  Show love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, sharing, caring, empathy and all of the other better qualities of feeling which you possess.  As you spread these freely about you, you will find them increased in your experience.  That is how the universe is set up.  Those are the frequencies of the energy of love.

We look forward to speaking with you tomorrow, my friends.  Good day.

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